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Choosing the right level of course is vital to secure a place of study and crucial for your academic progression. The descriptions below will provide you detailed knolwdge about course levels and help you deciding the correct level according to your situation and as per your requirements.

English course

English course

English is often regarded as the language of the global world. Good command in English Language is crucial for effective communications, conduct business internationally or to follow higher education overseas.

Lots of learners take English courses for self-development with a view to expand business and career internationally, Read more

Distance learning course

Distance learning course

Distance learning education is a great alternative to on-campus study programmes as these are delivered online off-campus and this is why it is popularly known as online learning. 

Online learning is a flexible form of learning which allows you to study from home, work, on the move or wherever else is convenient, and at a time to Read more

Foundation course


Foundation courses i.e. HND, PGD or pre-masters etc. build foundations to start undergraduate & postgraduate degree education. 

The study gives students the opportunity to prepare for either undergraduate or postgraduate programme with pre-knowledge in the intended programme and level of study. Foundation courses are taken by students who do not Read more

Undergraduate course


Typically, an undergraduate degree qualification is taught and awarded by a university and defines higher or advanced level of learning than GCE Advanced Level. 

A GCE Advanced Level holder needs to complete a bachelor degree at least before he/she become a graduate. Before the completion, the student is under or below graduation, and hence the start of the study Read more

Postgraduate course


Postgraduate Degree courses are taken post (after) graduate degree i.e. after bachelor or undergraduate degree and normally in the same field of study as the bachelor degree. However, it is a common practice by students from other background to take MBA course which provides business and management knowledge on virtually any industry. 

A postgraduate Read more

Professional course


Professional courses provide skills and knowledge both for personal development and for career advancement. Professional education and training prepare students with particular knowledge and skills that are necessary to perform the role of the profession students intend to take in future.

A professional course leads to a professional qualification and entitle students Read more