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MSc International Marketing programme

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From my recent study MBA, I have learned that marketing marks the heart and soul of most business because the success of a business is directly impacted by marketers – from the analyses of markets and consumers, to the advertising and selling of products. Successful businesses like Virgin, McDonalds, KFC, Apple, Coca-Cola, they all have one thing in common – a successful, dynamic marketing team.

In a world where social media and relationships with customers are becoming increasingly important and the role of a well-rounded marketers have turned to be vital in business success. The big news is that the industry is growing rapidly, and new roles are being created all the time. Digital technologies are changing the marketing landscape – traditional marketing transforming hugely with modern and latest ideas. It is high time I took a higher degree in Marketing to be in the forefront of career leaders. The MSc International Marketing offered at BPP University is an ideal study opportunity to be equipped with what today’s business organisations need from employers to find marketing solution in international arena. My enthusiasm knows no bound to find the right course to satisfy the demand of time that shines with marketing in the world of business.

The MSc International Marketing programme is designed with some time-bound modules including International Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, Competitive Intelligence for Marketing, Managing International Brands, Finance for Marketers, International Advanced Marketing Strategy and Simulation, Creativity and Innovation for International Markets, Marketing Communications Frameworks, International Marketing, Consultancy Project, Digital Marketing Frameworks, Operations and Services Excellence, Stakeholder Relationship Management, Project Management for Marketing, Advertising Management, Public Relations Frameworks. The syllabus is designed to provide students with integrated academic and professional training and to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills relevant for pursuing a management career in the area of marketing and promotion.

It would be very relevant to mention here that I studied Advanced Marketing Management subject in my BBA under the Sardar Patel University in India. This module had given me base knowledge in the area of marketing while the other module in BBA, Advanced Financial Management has its supportive functions for the implementation of marketing decisions. This study will well complement the MSc study at BPP. Furthermore, I have studied Global Marketing Management in my MBA International under Anglia Ruskin University, London, UK. It is one of the last few modules I was undertaking at the university’s branch campus in London – and at this phase of my study the tuition, classes got hugely disrupted due to Home Office’s intervention with issues between them and the main campus. I had to sit my exam without proper tuition and guidance and the obvious happened, I could not clear the module, so are many other students in this module or another. I feel my knowledge has remained incomplete because I could not learn much apart from self-study. This MSc would be an excellent opportunity to cultivate the loss with bonus and dividends in the area that I had built my foundation at my early graduation life.

Study of the above areas of the MSc will enable me to learn to apply latest thinking on marketing development to the analysis of the key problems being experienced by the world's major businesses and to develop the research skills necessary to tackle marketing problems and issues. I will develop an in-depth understanding of diverse consumers and their varied needs, elements that influence choice and behaviour, being creative and innovative to compete and exceed competitors’ strategy, maintain relationships with public, promoting brands in global arena, plan and implement strategy to tackle new entrants. I will also learn key influences on the global marketing management paradigm, information and research for international marketing, branding and brand strategies, on-line marketing in international markets, international marketing strategy, planning and organisation. The study programme will provide me applied skills for effective performance within team environments and the ability to recognise and utilise individuals' contributions in group processes and to negotiate and persuade or influence others; team selection, delegation, development and management. The tuition will improve my effective communication efficiency including listening, effective oral and written communication of complex ideas and arguments, using a range of media, including the preparation of business reports. The above learning will enhance my generic knowledge to provide specialist professional skills at strategic levels. The advanced competencies will provide me competitive edge for my career advancements and progressions.

One of the unique features of this MSc at BPP University is that the course comes with the Academic and Career Skills (ACS) module that is not available at other universities in the UK in my knowledge. The module gives access to over 90+ hours of professional development, workshops and events during your programme of study. The module will also provide the opportunity to gain BPP Career Ready certificates as evidence of my skills and competence. I will receive personal coaching and professional guidance to help develop my employability skills and career plan and support to develop a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) to enable me to search and apply for work placement interviews with employers – this could potentially earn me up to 6 months work experience opportunity in top branded international company in the UK.

On completion of the degree and work experience assignments, I am confident I can have a career opening as Promotions Coordinator, Customer Relations Advisor, Brand Manager, Public Relation Manager, Market Research Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, Sales Organiser, Market Developer in my home country India, a country where consumers are ever powerful and where world of business take new dimension every market day with rich variety. I can imagine myself sitting on top of my career ladder and doing wholesale marketing management at the peak of my career in next 5 to 10 years.

BPP business school is uniquely positioned by virtue of the involvement of professional as well as academic experts and strong industry relationships. The school has a strong focus on employability and developing individuals into successful professionals. The University’s flagship Academic and Career Skills module is a proof of the University’s commitment in preparing students for the future and to the business world in providing them highly skilled professionals.

Its continuous professional development training is another landmark feature of the course and adds invaluable value in learning. This outstanding package comes with tutors who have professional background and are experts in the field they teach. They work with students together to adhere to the highest standards and put their best efforts to achieve the academic success. The support staff also provides wholehearted supports throughout the study to make it a remarkable success. It would be a rewarding experience to study at BPP University and gain this life-changing qualification.