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MSc Accounting and Finance

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. While applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I have chosen to study MSc Accounting and Finance programme because I believe from the study I will develop an in-depth understanding of finance and investment, transferable intellectual skills that are key to a successful career in the field of financial services.

The study will allow me to apply latest theory, Rules, and professional skills on accounting and finance to the analysis of the key problems being experienced by the world's major businesses and to develop the research skills necessary to tackle financial problems and issues.

I have already completed 13 papers of ACCA – this MSc course of the BPP University is aligned with first 9 papers and has similarities for complementary knowledge and learning goals with the difference of gaining newer and advanced level knowledge from the MSc. The study will give me the opportunity to learn Governance, Risk and Control, Business Analysis, Corporate Reporting, Financial Management, Audit and Assurance, Performance Management, Taxation, Leadership for Finance Professionals, Portfolio Management from managerial aspects with higher level approach unlike from entry level as in ACCA study. I will gain enhanced learning in Financial Reporting, Economics, Financial Markets, Institutions and Operations, Financial Regulation, Quantitative Methods, Fund Accounting, Derivatives and Alternative Investments, Fund Management and accomplish progressions academically and professionally.

I believe from the study I will develop an in-depth understanding of finance and investment, capital market, Financial accounting and reporting with strategic management. Additionally, the Business Research Skills and Consultancy Project will allow me to research in the area and gain specialised knowledge and skills in depth. 

I will have the opportunity for the advanced study of both the theoretical and professional aspects of wholesale financial services to bridge the theory-practice gap and prepare for a career in wholesale financial services by development of the necessary transferable intellectual skills. My recently studied MBA knowledge would be ornamental would provide further ceremonial depth and prestige towards the attainments while complement the ‘soft skills’ expected from accounting and finance professionals. My earlier work experience as examiner of accounts in the National Audit Office, Mauritius will have its important inputs in the knowledge developments and reaching my ultimate goals. 

I have opted to take the ‘Academic and Career Skills’ module along with this course because I would like to develop myself professionally as much as academically, At BPP, at this phase of training, I might be able to earn work placement at European/UK company and gain invaluable practical experience. This could essentially be a new opening for me to start my career with a boom. In fact, the university promote employability throughout the course while this module dedicatedly pushes the opportunity forward to seize the success. It is this module that instigated my interest the most and prejudiced my choice of university over many others.

After completion of the MSc in Accounting and Finance, I aim to pursue a career in accounting, banking, financial market, fund management, insurance and the stock market. I will have acquired the knowledge and skills to become an effective manager in the public or private sector and are likely to establish a career path in companies that are listed on stock exchanges around the world. The study, indeed, will be a turning point of my journey towards a successful career destination. I will be glad to have BPP University as my mentor for making my aspirations a true success. 

In the most recent chaotic climate of London campus universities, it was not very hard to single out BPP University that have long standing reputations and award winning performance. I could not find a better provider for my chosen academic interests, not to mention my current institution LCA Business School (London campus of Anglia Ruskin University) that have already been in a position of uncertain future to continue its operation with stability. The testimonials I have gathered from past and present students of BPP and recommendations I have received from educational consultants for the university are true reflections of the quality of tuition and services the university provide. I think I have chosen very wisely to make my investment in higher education and career building.