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MSc Finance and Accounting

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It is my most recent study of BA Honours in International Management that has given me a good chance to assess my learning needs with specific needs and I have identified what areas to focus more and specialise on in today’s global environment of economic challenge.

After careful thought and research, I have finally synchronised my career targets with my academic aims and made my decision to follow the MSc Accounting and Finance programme. The two focal area of knowledge this course cover in the syllabus are life-bloods for business and their management. The study would tune my business management knowledge and skills with the accounting and finance for integrated and inclusive attainments in vital functions of business and organisations.

In my BA, I have studied Managing Finance, Applied Financial Accounting, Performance Management, Planning and Decision Making, Applied Financial Management, Corporate Governance and Ethics subjects – these have almost identical similarities with few subjects of this MSc offered at BPP University. These similarities will facilitate mutually inclusive knowledge since they complement each other’s branch of knowledge.

Needless to say that MSc is a higher level qualification that would lead me to higher level of academic progressions since I will accomplish advanced knowledge and enhanced skills academically and professionally.

This Programme will equip me to understand how and why companies report on their financial performance and position in the way they do I will learn to analyse real-world financial situations faced by business organisations. From the study, I will develop the ability to effectively interpret and make decisions based on accounting and financial information which is a valuable tool for a manager in any organisation, regardless of its size or the sector in which it operates - I will develop a strong understanding of how financial information is used for decision making purposes and how the subsequent outcomes are effectively communicated and evaluated and tackle  practical challenges firms encounter in an international context with governance and ethical dilemmas.

The study will enhance my ability enabling me to analyse financial statements and to show the links between accounting statements, valuation methods and investment analysis. I will gain knowledge of global financial markets and the finance and investment industry – how different organisations interact, their roles, and factors behind success or failure. I will learn how to estimate the fair value for an investment, to test assumptions and sensitivities, and to compare different investments, gain an understanding of the role of different asset classes, their behaviour in isolation and in relation to other asset classes, and an understanding of how portfolios of investments can be constructed and analysed.

I have chosen the BPP University for this programme because the university also provide transferable skills to add value to the tuition with transferable skills and ‘soft skills’ for employment. They help with personal and professional development with training on critical analysis ability, leadership skills, effective communication competences, employability and career skills.

The university integrate latest modules and techniques from industry and commerce in the teaching since they maintain constant links with contemporary business and employers – the tuitions are adjusted and adapted to employers’ demands and global challenges. The goal here is deliver professional graduates with teaching by professional tutors who have vast experience in related and relevant fields. It is probably one of the main reasons big companies send their delegates here to train from BPP – this make the classrooms more attached and intense. It also raises the learning and teaching standards while develop all students ability to highest level. What an opportunity this would be for me to be among those intellectual learners and professionals!