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If you are looking to study abroad, you will need to secure a student visa prior to the course starts. In most cases, visa issuing authority will want to justify your credibility as a genuine student visa issuing authority will want to justify your credibility as a genuine student in the form of interviews before making a decision.


There are many reasons for visa refusals but here are a few of the common reasons –

Failure to prove genuine intention to study or credibility as genuine student


Lack of knowledge about the prospective course


Lack of knowledge about the prospective university


Intention to leave the country at the end of the course


Poor English language standard


Submission of an invalid Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS)/Visa Letter


Failure to submit specified financial documents


Wanting to study abroad is a huge commitment that involves time, money and above all your future. For genuine students a degree from world-class universities in abroad could make a huge difference and you well deserve it. After overcoming the hard hurdles of acceptance by university, it is heart-breaking if you get your study visa refused, and we no way appreciate this. You may avoid refusals by following the steps below –

6 steps to success (6s2s)

Step 1
Allow enough time to take preparation: take long preparations before admission and visa application. Gain sound efficiency in English language.


Research for detailed information: research, research and research in courses, universities and countries in details before making a decision to study abroad – be informed, be engaged.


Step 3
Make arrangement for finance: talk to your family, take financial preparations, maintain appropriate funds in appropriate formats.


Step 4
Gather appropriate documents: gather documents in correct formats i.e. original certificates, all documents in English, evidence to prove sources of funds.


Step 5
Allow enough time for admission: apply for admission well before the course start date –ideally at least 3 months before your planned visa application.


Step 6
Allow enough time for visa decision: submit visa application at least 6 to 8 weeks before your proposed course start date.



Check our credibility interview preparation guideline HERE. We wish you all success in your future endeavours of higher study abroad.


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