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How to choose a good education agent for study abroad

International education agents are individuals or companies that represent overseas universities and colleges in agents’ home country to help local students for higher study abroad. While overseas universities/colleges recognise them as international education agents or international representative, students or parents know them as student agents, student advisers, student consultant, education counsellors, student counsellors, education advisers, education consultant etc.

Do students need an education agent

To study at overseas universities, it is not mandatory for students to apply through education agents; they can submit their admission applications by their own. However, most of the students fail to understand the process, make mistakes in application and become unsuccessful in securing a place as per their requirements. Additionally, some students prepare poorly for visa applications and interviews – this often results in visa refusal.

The 2018 QS Enrolment Solutions International Student Survey revealed that 62% of prospective international students consider agents to be “a trusted source of information about study abroad,” and 60% said that “agents are useful in helping me study overseas but they don’t influence my decisions.”


9 deadly mistakes students make when applying by themselves to study abroad

Wanting to study abroad is a huge commitment that involves time, money and above all your future. For genuine students a degree from world-class universities in abroad could make a huge difference and you well deserve it. But despite being qualified and having financial ability, many students fail to secure admission and student visa due to mistakes in processing. They –

A good education consultant can help you to choose the right course at the right institution with right directions for your academic and career progressions. They can provide you one-stop personalised services and up to date information as they are experienced with local and foreign knowledge in particular knowledge on your potential destination country. They can explain everything and advise you for the needful in your own language for example, if you are a Bangladeshi student looking to study in the UK, you can choose to get advice in Bengali from the local agents in Bangladesh for better and complete understanding of study UK.

This saves you time, money and from accidental or wrong decisions and incorrect applications. This also reduces the risk of refusal and maximise your chance of success in admission and obtaining a student visa. By taking total student care, they, indeed, earn synergic benefits for you from your investment in the higher education overseas.

After all, most of the recognised education agents are normally trained frequently by their partner educational institutions for admission &visa application process, excellent student services, compliance etc. They can make the entire process a lot simpler and hassle free. You can add extra value to your higher education journey overseas with their expert & professional services.

In fact, educational institutions of top 7 higher education destination countries recruit on average over 38% international students via education agents. According to a report published by Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) on 03 Sep 2014, percentage of students recruited via agents:

Over 92% of UK institutions recruit students through agents – this show the significance of agents for quality of services, recruitment of genuine students, successful student visa and enrolment. Evidently, education institutions of other top higher education destination countries too increasingly rely on education agents for successful student recruitment. Therefore, it is recommended that you take help from a good education agent for your overseas higher study application as this is one of the crucial steps in your life in which you cannot afford to make mistake and go wrong. Even if you have already chosen the university and course by yourself, you may consider using an education agent for all of the added benefits they are able to give.


23 great benefits of using an education agent

By taking services of a good education agent, students and their families can get a range of benefits that are crucial when going to study abroad. It would be daunting tasks or even impossible for students and their families to try and achieve these on their own. A good education agent can:

The above list is not exhaustive as there are lot of other benefits students can take from a good education agent as and when required.


How to choose a good education agent

The education agents industry is growing rapidly as more and more students, families, universities are becoming dependent on them due to their importance in the sector. It is a well-recognised profession and plays crucial role between students and educational institutions. However, like every other profession there are good agents and bad agents. When pursuing your higher education dream via the help of agent, a good agent can ‘make it’ while a bad agent can ‘break it’. When selecting an education agent, check the following for reliability and trustworthiness:


17 ways to identify bad education agents

It is not difficult for students with genuine intention of higher study abroad to be able to identify bad education agents who are operating in the sector. They just take chances with students’ life and sometimes they work as sub-agents or sub-sub-agents and do not bother about quality of services or outcomes of their actions, they only care about their self-interest. Normally, a bad education agent will do one or more of the following:

A good education agent can make the whole process from beginning to end very pleasing and satisfactory while add significant value to your higher study experience overseas with pre & post admission services. They will always extend their hands when you are within their sight and also when you are out of their sight should you seek help. It is up to you to decide whether to take services of an education agent or not. Should you choose to take services of an education agent, it would be highly rewarding if you could select a good one from the lot around you.


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