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With the procession of globalisation internationally based and active industries continue to grow each year and marching together. In this climate of globalisation, commerce and trade exert some of the most powerful influences on human activity and commercial relationships reflect a constantly evolving world.

The above aspects have brought good practice along with malpractice in business and organisations. The ingenuity of traders and the complexity of modern commerce are truly breath-taking. The study of Commercial Law can provide an excellent opportunity to immerse myself in this important and fascinating area of law to address these issues professionally. The LLM Commercial Law recognises the increasing importance of global business today and the interrelationship between commerce and industries of different nature and locations. These have fascinated and influenced my choice and I have selected the programme as my higher education to fulfil my career vision.

In this developing and competitive market and a world which is commercialised heavily, there is a need for law background individuals who have appropriate knowledge of the commercial law aspects of international and European business law, including e-commerce. My earlier study of LLB (Hons) course has driven my aspiration to follow a post-graduation qualification in law discipline – study opportunity of commercial law has done the fine tuning to that academic dream.

Due to the relationship of my LLB (Hons) with LLM, the knowledge and professional skills I had gained from the LLB, I will be able complement the study of LLM. While I will gain new domains of knowledge from the LLM, I will gain academic progressions with advanced level skills and competency. I will develop as a legal professional with enhanced ability and techniques. I will gain advanced knowledge and understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of commercial law in a range of areas where commercial law plays an important role. I will learn to appreciate of the international dimensions of commercial law. I will be able to understand, critically assess and provide practical solutions to problems of the type commonly encountered in International Commercial Law.

The BPP University LLM in Commercial Law is designed for law graduates and this perfectly matches my current qualification. The qualification enables graduates to have an advantage in an increasingly competitive market, by providing practical and relevant knowledge of key issues in commercial law.

The core Commercial Law module focuses on the more relevant practical legal issues across a wide spectrum of commercial law including contract law, agency, sales of goods, and security. Then the optional modules allow building on this core module by undertaking supervised research and selecting additional modules from a wide variety of pertinent subjects. The study area mix gives an in-depth understanding of the legal problems that arise in the conduct of business across national borders, and of the characteristic types of legal solutions adopted. Through the wide choice of modules, I will be able to construct a programme appropriate to private practice, corporate or public employment in the fields of international business transactions and international commerce and trade.

In addition to the above, I will also develop analytical reasoning skills, legal research skills, and verbal and written expression skills so that I can express my analysis and arguments clearly, accurately and persuasively. I will achieve a range of transferable skills including information technology, time management, fluent and effective communication, problem solving and the ability to collaborate with others.