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My choice of MA International Human Resource Management course as my higher study programme is not a selection at spur of the moment; it is a reflection of my long preparation since I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree under Eastern University, Bangladesh.

In fact, in my BBA study, my major was Human Resource Management and I thoroughly enjoyed strategic human resource management, industrial relations, organisation change and development, performance appraisals, sociology, psychology, resource and compensation management, manpower planning and forecasting, group dynamics, organisational behaviour, management information system subjects that are directly attributed to human resource management while the other subjects have contributory relationships to make human resource management successful.

The study gave me a platform with transferable skills that I wanted to see in applied shape and I undertook internship programme as an HROD Executive in Aamara Resources limited, Bangladesh, and later on secured a job in same position at the company by dint of my skills in Human Resource Management. It is this period of practice based learning that drove my interests in the area further. I undertook a Human Resource Training course at Eastern University conducted by Franklin University, USA and attained invaluable soft skills including grooming for professionals, ccompensation and benefits, attendance management, leave management, general HR, HRIS/HR database management, recruitment & selection, career and life skills development, career success programme jointly organised by Eastern University and Heritage Research Centre. My newly developed skills and competences earned me a management position at K Rahman Enterprise in 2012 where I have responsibilities for human resources and overall management.

At this stage of my personal and career phase, the crucial truth I have been facing is the knowledge and skill gap that I bypassed earlier by not following the postgraduate qualification that would have enabled me with advanced and strategic knowledge, tools and techniques in my most favourite area, Human Resource Management, where my mind, heart, brain and expertise tune well. I understand that my opportunities are waiting ahead beyond my current post and position at a greater level in bigger stage where I could enjoy more exposure, success and riches. After thorough assessment and review of my current knowledge and skill level, I have identified my needs to follow a postgraduate qualification in Human Resource Management. I have searched and researched for the most suitable and fitting syllabus according to my needs and interests, I have found the MA International Human Resource Management programme offered at the University of Bedfordshire a fulfilling course that meets my pursuance with complete satisfaction.

The units offered in this course, applied human resource management project, communication in business, employee engagement, engaging with research, human resource development, international and comparative human resource management, international human resource management, leading, managing and developing people, personnel resourcing, reward management the human side of management – all these have similarities with previous studies, training and work experience and complement each other. Therefore, in this study I will be in my familiar comfort zone of knowledge with the difference being in knowledge level though – from this MA study, I will gain enhanced and higher level knowledge and skill set that are designed in international context. The attainments would enhance my competences with greater mastery and bigger accomplishments.

From the study I aim to learn the changing nature of the world of work and employment, recruitment and selection of staff, training and developing people, employment laws and regulations, managing employee performance, managing conflict in the workplace, employee representation and involvement in their workplaces, management of performance, compensation, career support, development of teams, communication and conflict and industrial negotiation and resolution for international and global concerns. In fact, the study would provide me with the opportunity to develop a specialist knowledge and expertise in human resource management with an emphasis on strategic issues.

On completion, I will have developed a focus on contemporary issues and problems relating to managing human resources in global organizations, attained ability to discuss and analyse a range of perspectives on workplace organization and its effective management to ensure optimum performance, gained experience a multi-disciplinary approach covering principles of HRM, strategic management, employee relations, human resource development, international business and management principles, achieved capabilities that will enable me to work as the HR strategic business partner, giving support to other strategic managers on the critical insight into the world of people, in a modern and changing organisation.

Once qualified with this premier qualification, I expect have an opening in my career as Human resources officer, Recruitment consultant, Training and development officer at international companies in Bangladesh. With a master degree from UK University, I can develop my career to higher position in 5 to 10 year time as HR Manager or HR Director. In Bangladesh, HR management and HR development have recently received highest attention of employers and business organisations. I am confident; I will have an enjoyable and prestigious career there with riches and rewards of life.

I have chosen The University of Bedfordshire because this is a modern, innovative university with a heritage of top quality education going back more than 100 years. The university nurture students to become educated, employable and entrepreneurial global citizens, and support students in all aspects of their life. These are distinctive features that are not offered others in my knowledge.

The university also cultivate study skills development, career and job-seeking guidance, volunteer and work experience, health and wellbeing services, modern accommodation, personal tutors facilities. The Luton campus is in the centre of the cosmopolitan City of Luton and interconnects business, organisations, commerce, industry, employers and community – this attachments and involvements facilitate students to learn real world knowledge and gain experience from the environment.

The university have diverse student population with students from over 100 countries making the education environment multicultural and learning multidimensional. At Beds, while students enjoy low maintenance costs in Luton, they equally enjoy high attractions of London since it is only 30 minutes travel by train. All these add up for me and offer great value. The Vice Chancellor’s scholarship of GBP 2900 deposit more dividends to the package. I cannot simply afford to miss this opportunity.