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29 September, 2021
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UK is the 3rd popular higher education country among Indian students when considering cost, quality, career and immigration prospects. In 2018/19 Indian students enrolment growth was 35% and in 2019/20 it increased to 97% according to Higher Education Student Data. Currently Indian students make up about 20% of all international students in the UK and the number is increasing every year.

To meet the growing demand, Total Student Care (TSC) has set dedicated admission service for Indian students looking to study in the UK. Our specialist student advisers are trained to help Indian students with key course information, tuition fees and scholarship information, application and admission process, one-to-one guidelines for student visa application.

Admissions are open at our partner universities in the UK – submit your initial application to commence your Study UK journey.

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Foundation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctorate

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0.5 year to 4 years*

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Indian students in the UK

There were 395,630 non-EU international students studying in the UK and out of this 52,545 students were from India according to HESA (Higher Education Student Data) 2019/20. Indian students make up the 2nd largest cohort of non-EU country international students studying in the UK.

As per the UK Home Office, the latest student visa figures for the year to September 2020 show Indian students saw significant increase of 48% student visa granted – 44,992 new Indian students were granted visa, 2nd after China (52,698). India was, in fact, one of the leading non-EU countries of origin for higher education students studying in the United Kingdom in 2019/20. In 2021 more Indian students have applied for UK student visas and this is expected to increase in 2022 and beyond.

Cost of Studying in the UK for Indian Students

The cost breakdowns below are average figures of expenses that a common Indian student will spend on commonly studied subjects at commonly chosen universities in the UK while living a UK life like other international students. However, these costs may vary for certain courses at top universities. For living and maintenance costs, students are in control and can choose to spend more or less as per their financial ability or necessity. This is a general guideline for Indian students to prepare for their budget to study in the UK.

Tuition Fee

Course Level Average Cost (GBP) Average Cost (INR)
Foundation courses (Full fees) 10000 to 15000 997847 to 1496770
Undergraduate courses (per year) 11000 to 15000 1097630 to 1496770
Postgraduate courses (Full fees) 11000 to 16000 1097630 to 1596560
Doctorate courses (per year) 14000 to 16000 1396990 to 1596560

Most of the universities offer some scholarship ranging from GBP 500 to GBP 5000 which will reduce tuition fee cost.

Living cost and Maintenance costs per month

Details Average Cost (GBP) Average Cost (INR)
Accommodation 500 to 600 49892 to 59871
Utility bills 40 to 50 3991 to 4989
Travel 150 to 200 14968 to 19957
Food 160 to 200 15966 to 19957
Mobile phone 10 to 30 998 to 2994
Entertainment 40 to 100 3991 to 9978
Other casual irregular costs 20 to 50 1996 to 4989

Students get 30% discount on travel card and different types of discount on shopping.

Visa application and IHS (International Health Surcharge) fee

Details Cost (GBP) Cost (INR)
Student visa application (One-off) 348 34725
IHS (per year) 470 46899

Visa application and IHS (International Health Surcharge) fee may change per year by Home Office. Please check for up-to-date fees.

For up-to-date currency rate, please check

Earnings from working in the UK on student visa

Students will have the right to work while continuing their studies in the UK i.e. 10 hours per week if they are studying foundation course, 20 hours per week studying a bachelor, masters or PhD course. Students will be able to work full time per week during holiday period in between your course.

Student earning in the UK per month

Details Average earning from student job (GBP) Average earning student job (INR)
Part-time work 460 to 800 45901 to 79828
Full-time work 1200 to 1600 119742 to 159656

Popular subjects Indian Students choose to study in the UK

The most popular subjects Indian students choose to study at UK universities include:

  • Business and Management
  • Marketing
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Architecture, Building and Planning
  • Project Management
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Fashion
  • Biological Science
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Education
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Biomedical Science
  • Healthcare
  • Nursing
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Human Resource Management
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Biochemistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Law
  • Public Health
  • Psychology

Why choose to study in the UK from India?

Students from India can benefit from UK study and UK Degree many ways as listed below:

  • Indian students lead South Asian student population in the UK. UK Government and UK universities often set higher education strategies for the advantages of Indian students.
  • UK qualifications are internationally recognized and highly respected by local and international employers in India. May UK organisations have office and branches in India, with a UK degree would help Indian students open career in those with ease and competitive advantages.
  • Tuition fees at UK universities are comparatively lower than other top overseas higher education countries. Even, UK study costs are lower than study costs in India when comparing the quality, value, standard, career prospects and other unique benefits UK offer.
  • Admission and visa application processes are straightforward and easier than other overseas countries and India.
  • While studying in the UK, Indian international students will learn to live their life in international community, multicultural society, and global diversity in cross-cultural environment.
  • Indian students will have the chance to get connected with prospective personality who becomes top figures from UK higher education. They can be part of great alumni network and get international exposures.
  • UK has big Indian community across the country and they have leading representations from local business to national business, regional positions to Parliament positions. Indian students often get inspiration and support from them when in the UK.
  • The historical connections between UK and India have also influence in higher education and Indians living in the UK. The relationships work in the advantages of Indian students.
  • In addition to great educational experience, Indian international students will be able to experience top class historical sites, famous locations, personality, international sports and players, trending brands and latest technology and enrich their life.
  • UK educational environment and life living is safe and healthy. Indian international students will be able to maintain high standard of campus and social life during their higher study in the UK. They will have access to top class NHS health facilities of UK on their student visa.
  • You will be able to work in the UK while studying and earn money to cover part of your maintenance costs.
  • Indian international students can apply for 2/3 year post study work visa under ‘Graduate’ scheme once they finish their degree. During this period they will be able earn money from full time work, gain practical work experience and take the opportunity to switch to skilled work visa in the UK or other visa or return to home country with money and great degree.
  • Indian students will have immigration opportunities after their graduation by switching to skilled work visa and other types of visa and be settled in the UK if they can fulfil the requirements.

Awards and Accolades received

Best Independent Global Education Agency, SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020.
Highest performing agent 2014 – BPP University, UK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

How much fund I need to maintain to apply for student visa in the UK?

If you are coming to study at a University campus inside London for course of 9 months or more duration, you need to have £12006 + any outstanding tuition fees for the 1st year of your course.

If you are coming to study at a University campus outside London for course of 9 months or more duration, you need to have £9207 + any outstanding tuition fees for the 1st year of your course.

If you pay a deposit for student accommodation to the university, then up to £1334 can be offset from the living costs required funds if the campus is inside London or up to £1023 can be offset from the living costs required funds if the campus is outside London.

Any dependent who will apply for entry clearance visa with you will require maintaining £7605 per dependent for University campus inside London for course of 9 months or more duration or £6120 per month for University campus outside London for course of 9 months or more duration.

All funds must be maintained for at least 28 consecutive days at a UKVI approved bank in India. Indian students showing study loan sanctioned for their proposed study in the UK, show funds maintained just for 1 day in an UK approved Indian Bank.

Will be able to extend my student visa for another course once I complete my first course of study?

Yes, you will be to undertake further courses that justifies you academic progression from current level to higher level and extend your student visa from inside the UK.

Will I be able to switch to student visa again at the end of my Graduate (Post Study Work) visa?

Yes, you will be able to switch to student visa from Graduate (Post Study Work) visa from inside the UK.


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