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Should ranking be the first priority for choosing university?

  • 05 April, 2015
  • D K Mondal

The world is so much fond of bringing out the quality of everything. This is true to the educational purposes also. As the students are graded, the universities are also justified by the ranking system. Some students and educationalists justify a college or university with their relevant rankings in comparison to other universities. However, this is a great question if it should always be justified by its rankings. Still, most of us are so fond of finding out the great universities through their rankings. Now, let us explore the ways in which you can choose a university by its ranking. You can give the first priority on the ranking of the universities while choosing it.

Justify what’s important for you

Student life is the most important part of human life. This is the time to manage you and make ready to face the future prospect. If the student life does not move forward with proper way following the basic fundamentals, you will not be able to prosper in life. So, you have to specific in choosing your university. The most of the people find out the best learning university by its rank. Then they try to match what is important for him. The lower ranked universities will be kept aside, which chooses the personal preference of choosing subjects. After justifying the rank, the student tries to find out if the desired subject is available or not. Most of the student does not get enough time or opportunities to visit the universities to justify the quality of teaching and other criteria. Then you need to find out the rankings with the justification of the subject you want to take. Today, in the world of vast use of internet, you will get all the relevant data through the World Wide Web.

Use the subject oriented ranking list

When you want to take education in your own country or the university located in the foreign country, you have to search for the list through the subject oriented features. There you will get the list of names filtered by the subject and their teaching faculties. Then the average accreditation might not match. This list is really helpful for finding out the right university for your specific subject. This is really essential and invaluable approach that helps the students to take the decision of taking subjects for their further education. To avail a seat in the top performing universities in the field, the university ranking list is highly essential for you.

Check the national ranking list

With the consideration of different segments and different authorities, you will get different kinds of university ranking list. Some students might choose to take education in the foreign countries. Some other students prefer choosing study in their native country. Though, the value of the both is different, they try to find out the world class universities regarding their chosen subject. The national ranking or universities is totally different from that of the global rankings. There might be some different national ranking systems, however, you might get one global ranking depended on its general accreditation.  When you want to take education in your own country, you have to learn the perfect national ranking list. This will help you to learn the lesson perfectly.

Compare the research ranking of universities

If you want to pursue a postgraduate course in any department, you must have to find out that sort of universities where you will get a high level research works. The science and technology, geography, and some other kinds of topic deserve top level research works. So, while choosing the university the ranking regarding the university research works is highly appreciable. You should not find out the desired university only by observing general ranking or overall ranking. So, you have to find out the university not by overall score, but by the reset ranking. If you make any mistake while choosing, it’s not too late to justify the research ranking of your university and taking admission.

Is ranking is so much essential?

We live in an interesting time. The decades ago the topic of higher education through the justification university ranking was not known to anybody. With great educational movement, students and the university authorities are eager to find out the ranking of the college and universities so that the students get a proper guideline of taking admission in their preferable universities. Now, you may ask how much it is essential to justify the ranking of your university when there is a huge confusion regarding the ranking system and its proper utility

Accreditation of ranking adversities

There are different authorities which justify university accreditation. If you believe that the accreditation is perfect, the quality of teaching might fall down within a year.  The entire environment might remain the same, but the faculty might change. Along with the change of courses, the quality of teaching might dip down. So, the accreditation done by an authority will not work perfectly. Again, the worst ranked universities might teach your lesson most effectively as they have a new and qualitative professor. This is the great flaws of the ranking system. The ranking system hampers the motif of students in this way.

Change Ahead

Having some adversities, the ranking system helps the students a lot to choose the universities they desire. Besides the benefit of students, the university authorities also are getting a booming success to show their credibility through the ranking system. However, the change of faculty, the change of courses of study, etc. might hamper the quality of teaching; still, you might depend in a ranked university as it does not want to allow dipping down their reliability and reputation. So, along with the change of the entire system, the modern world has been changed to a new move. When the entire world prefers the new method of choosing universities, there is something beneficial behind it.

So, move ahead of choosing your university through the ranking system. However, you have to be careful enough before taking admission. You must have to justify and learn manually the reputation of the university regarding your desired and chosen the specific subject. 

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