Become a partner university

Total Student Care (TSC) welcomes new partnership with genuine education providers
(universities/colleges/training institutions) that provide excellence in higher education and
maintain high quality in student services. As a forward-looking and dynamic education
agent, we aim to enrich our portfolio with new opportunities and diverse options.

As our partner education institution, you will have exclusive access to our key channels,
entry to new market, privilege to our expertise and experience. You will be part of our
growth and success.

We strive to provide the following services for our partner education providers –

  • Recruiting only genuine education minded students by working with local institutions,
    government agencies, and its representatives in various part of the globe;
  • Filtering out unsuitable students to avoid wasted effort and maintain standard;
  • Promoting courses, services and brands of partner institutions and its associates;
  • Publicising and disseminating actual factual information and up-to-date materials relating
    to the courses and services offered;
  • Ensuring that students are advised about and apply only for courses that they have the
    necessary academic entry qualifications for and where appropriate, which programmes can be
    followed and the criteria for successful progression;
  • Advising students about visa requirements, providing student services and assisting with
    visa applications via our associate Immigration Adviser Firms;
  • Verifying and/or translating academic transcripts and assisting with or facilitating the payment of fees;
  • Assisting with travel arrangements, foreign currency exchange, pre-departure briefings;
  • Liaising regularly with your staff and keeping up-to-date on programme developments, closures, etc.
  • Following and observing colleges'/universities' relevant policies and the British Council's Codes
    of Practice,
    Guidelines of UKVI, UKCISA, English UK and QISAN relating to international student
    recruitment, admission, marketing and promotion;
  • Making sure that mutually agreed targets for recruitment are met in terms of quality and quantity;
  • Visiting selected local feeder institutions including English Medium Schools, local colleges
    and Universities to establish connections for business opportunities;
  • Arranging seminars in key locations and venues, interviewing and assess individual student, and providing feedback;
  • Attending Educational Fairs, Conferences & Workshops regularly to promote common business goals.

We believe that our partnership with educational institute can benefit all concerned parties markedly and from our side, we can – 

  • Help generate more revenue by bringing business and repeat business for your institution
    & save your costs in recruitment, marketing and permanent staff hiring;
  • Share your work and provide professional services while saving your time and increase your
    efficiency rate by team-work & enrich effectiveness of your staff team without occupying your
    office space and claiming salary;
  • Feed market and marketing intelligence from our down to earth relationships with students &
    bring in transferable knowledge that our team has gained from the higher education industry and hence add value to your institute.
  • Take leadership in our market, be in the forefront and beat the competition. Contact us today
    to become a valued partner education provider of Total Student Care (TSC).

Please contact K M Enayet Hossain, Chief Executive of Total Student Care (TSC) to to become a valuable partner of our company. Thanks a lot.

British Council – Listed Agent
English UK – Partner Agent
ICEF – Trained Agent Counsellor - ITAC
PIER - Trained Agent