Terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions set out our, Total Student Care (TSC)'s relationship with you, international students for better understanding and professional services that we offer along with both parties’ responsibilities in relation to higher education abroad. These would be binding in accordance with your home country law and destination country law.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and if you do not understand anything or need further clarification, either contact us or take professional advice. We request you to print, sign, date and give us a copy along with your application and documents.

- I agree that if I decide to take services of Total Student Care (TSC), I will be polite, courteous and truthful. I will act lawfully and will not breach the terms & conditions of the agreement,

- I agree that I will not abuse, intimidate, threat any of Total Student Care (TSC)’s staff members verbally, physically or by any other means – Total Student Care (TSC) reserve the right to withdraw their services any time for any improper behaviour by me,

- I agree that I will not damage intellectual and physical properties belong to Total Student Care (TSC) or that I will not use their property or resources for commercial interests of myself or any other party,

- I agree that I will not defame the name of Total Student Care (TSC) and damage their brand or initiate negative propaganda about them, if I have any complaints against them, I will let them know at the first place to resolve the issue,

- I declare that I shall give Total Student Care (TSC) only genuine information and authentic documents; I will not withhold any information or document and mislead them, I am liable for any false information or document I provide and will bear any consequence. I give my consent for the information and documents to be used by Total Student Care (TSC) for my admission and related purpose,

- I agree that if I formally decide to take service for admission at a particular educational institute from Total Student Care (TSC), I will not submit another application directly or appoint another agent/s to submit application again to that educational institute irrespective of course or intake in that academic year, I must give them (TSC) written notice with reasons if I decide to withdraw taking their services,

- I agree that I will allow Total Student Care (TSC) enough and sufficient time to process my application, collect offers and CAS; I will not put unnecessary pressure on them, put forward unlawful requests,

- I agree that if I take admission at one of the educational institutes represented by Total Student Care (TSC), I shall attend at least 85% of the total class held,

- I agree that I will update my contact details to my education provider and Total Student Care (TSC) should it change,

- I agree that once enrolled, I will comply with academic regulations and will not damage reputations of the educational institute represented by Total Student Care (TSC),

- I agree that I will let relevant Immigration Authority know immediately any change of my circumstances while studying abroad,

- I agree that I will not breach the terms of the conditions of my stay abroad as an international students and abide by the law of the country. I also agree that I will not damage the education standards or reputations of the country by any means.

I have read and fully understood the meaning of all the above terms & conditions - I declare to comply with these entirely and unconditionally.

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