Become a student referee

Our student referees provide us strength and contribute to our growth by connecting us with new people. Our past and current students, their family and friends regularly recommend students to us out of their loyalty or gratitude for the outstanding services they have received. We are very thankful to them and hope that they will continue their kind supports for future years.

Total Student Care (TSC) welcomes referral of students, if –

  • i) you/your family member/friend had taken our services before or,
  • ii) you are an individual and want to work as a freelancer or,
  • iii) you want to introduce students casually as informal agent.

We will do thorough checking on the character, motive, legal status of referees who are interested to introduce students in exchange of referral fees. Please email us your CV, copy of passport/photo id and proof of address to start your referral.

We will not pay any referral fees if the student is your blood-related relative.

Total Student Care (TSC) will not sign any formal contract with student referees.

Terms & conditions

  • You must be over at least 18 years old
  • You must have valid permission to work where applicable
  • You must not provide any advice, counselling on admission
  • You must not misguide students or take any fees for your recommendation
  • You must send us invoice to claim your referral fees as agreed

To introduce students to us, please fill up the form below – this will enable us to keep records and pay referral fees as applicable:

Apply to become a student referee
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