Here you can find, download, create and edit necessary and supportive forms and documents for university admission application, enrolment, visa application etc. all in one place.

University forms

Here you can download university admission related forms which are necessary for offer letter, CAS etc.

  • Bangor University
  • Birmingham City University
  • BPP University
  • Northumbria University
  • Teesside University
  • Ulster University
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • University of Brighton
  • University of East London
  • York St John University

Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

We have uploaded updated versions of available forms and documents, please check with our team if you have any concern. Once you fill out these, please email pdf copy to the TSC counsellor who you are in touch. By sending these to us, you are giving your consent to use the data and information for admission and visa application purpose.

Admission supporting documents

We may require these forms and documents as supporting papers for your admission applications.

Templates and example documents

We have designed some templates and example documents for you to understand what is required. This is to guide you only, please do not copy and paste contents or produce same documents – provide information on documents that is applicable to you only.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to send translated documents?

All documents must be in English. If you have documents in other language, make sure to translate these in English by official translation company. When sending documents, please send both original and translated copies.

How much is the student visa application fees for UK?

Students, who will apply from outside the UK, will need to pay £348. Inside the UK students will need to pay £475 to extend their student visa or switch to a student visa from other visa category. Each dependent will need to pay same fees as for the student. Fees may increase every year, please check for updated information.

How much is the International Health Surcharge (HIS) fees for UK student visa?

Currently, the International Health Surcharge (HIS) fees for student and their dependents is £470 for per year of visa for each applicant. For extra time of visa than the course duration i.e. 4 months, Home Office will charge half year fees, £235. You can calculate your HIS fees at if you know your course start date and end date.

How much living funds I need to maintain in bank to apply for a student visa in the UK from overseas?

If the university campus is inside London, students need to maintain £12,006 + outstanding tuition fees for the 1st year of the course for courses that are 9 months or longer, for outside London campus of the university, it is £9,207 + outstanding tuition fees for the 1st year of the course.

If students pay a deposit for student accommodation to the student sponsor educational institution, then up to £1,334 can be offset from the living costs required funds if the campus is inside London or up to £1,023 can be offset from the living costs required funds if the campus is outside London. The requirements may change per year, please do check for latest information.

Each dependent applying for student dependent visa will need to maintain £7,605 for inside London Campus University, and £6,120 for outside London Campus University.

The funds have to be maintained for at least 28 days continuously at a UKVI approved bank unless the student is relaying on a student loan or an official financial sponsor.