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How to write a personal statement

Personal Statement is sometimes called Statement of Purpose (SoP) since a personal statement gives clear
statement of your purpose of choosing to study a certain course at certain institution. 

Personal Statement as the name suggests is a statement that is very personal to you – related to your
past and current attainments and your future pursuance. Therefore, it cannot be copied from
or written by someone else – otherwise, it would be public statement and
on the other hand, it may constitute to plagiarism. 

Remember, your personal statement is an opportunity for you to tell the selectors why you think
you would be a suitable student for the course you are applying and why the University/College
should select your application over those of other candidates. It is therefore vitally
important that you make this statement as effective as possible. 

As a guideline, we recommend you to cover the following areas in your personal statement -

6 steps to success (6s2s)

Step 1

Your choice of course and why

State what course and subject you want to pursue and why you have chosen to study this
Step 2

Relate your accomplishments

Give statement of your past and current accomplishments that make you particularly suitable to study the course, establish similarities and how those will complement the chosen subject
Step 3

State you learning targets

State what you aim to learn from the chosen course and how they will benefit you - how your current level of knowledge and skills will be enhanced to advanced level by following the programme of study
Step 4

State progressions plans

State what academic progressions you will achieve and what career options you will be entitled for on completion in particular in your home country
Step 5

Reasons for choice of university

State the reasons for choosing the particular university and why you preferred this one over others in that country
Step 6

Reasons for choice of country

State why you have chosen this country as your higher education destination and are not studying at your home country or choosing other countries

Presentation and Style

  • Show your enthusiasm and commitment
  • Start with interesting opening sentence that persuade the reader
  • Establish your academic insight and prove your understanding about the intended study
  • Write in short paragraphs and make them connected, use simple English
  • Organise it in logical order, check spelling, grammar and punctuations.

As a general guideline, the length of personal statement should be between 500 to 1000
words depending on the level of course you are applying for.


Watch winning personal statement writing tips in this Video HERE.