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A common question most of the Bangladeshi students ask is how to apply for admission at UK Universities and what documents to submit & which information to provide.

Universities in the UK process admission via UCAS, UKPASS, Central Applications Board (CAB) & BarSAS for certain Law courses, direct application via email, online application system and through education agents.

For students, it is imperative to know the process and requirements as applying through incorrect channel or submitting incomplete or inappropriate documents or information often results in failure to secure an offer or delay in offer or non-response. If you are not sure about it, you should consider taking professional help and supports.

British Council trained professional educations consultants of Total Student Care (TSC) can maximise your chance for admission at Universities by giving you appropriate professional advice on the admission process and helping you to submit error-free application with relevant and required documents and information.


Required documents for admission application

Send good scanned copies of your documents as attachment via email to:  and we will do the rest for you (pdf format is preferable and a single document should not be more than 1 MB in size, name documents type i.e. IELTS test report, passport copy, CV etc. before attaching). Documents must be in English – if translated, send both Bengali & English copies.


HSC pass students


A level pass students


Bachelor degrees pass students


Masters degrees pass students


Students who want to apply for PhD/MPhil course:


Students who have previous visa refusal/s for any country under any category


Students who were in the UK/other country for study before


Other document requirements:

Additionally, if you have undertaken any personal/professional/career development training, received award for outstanding achievements, attained any extracurricular activities, documents related to these will give further strength/merit to your application.


You may not have all necessary documents available in one go when emailing us first. Try and send as many documents as possible and send others later but as soon as possible.  

Information required for admission application:


You must proactively provide any other relevant information or documents that are not covered above but you deem it necessary. You must give true information and copy of genuine documents only. You are responsible and must bear any consequence for any false information and unauthentic/fake/counterfeit/forged documents you provide. Please note we assume that you give us your consent to use the information and documents you provide for admission and related purposes.


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