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Credibility Interviews preparation for offer letter and student visa

Most of the Universities/Colleges take credibility interviews to assess suitability and credibility of candidates for admission -

They may conduct the interview over the phone or skype or via a video link. You will have to satisfy the interviewer to get unconditional offer from the interviewer university/college.

Credibility Interviews are taken by universities for admission simulates (have similarities with) the Credibility Interviews taken by visa issuing authority at the time of visa application and/or before the decision of your visa application. We advise that you prepare yourself for these interviews at the admission application stage. Remember, securing place in the universities is as important as obtaining a study visa.


Find below probable questions to prepare for credibility interviews conducted by universities/colleges and visa issuing authority –

Questions about your chosen course


Questions about your chosen university


Questions about your academic history and accomplishments


Questions about your future plans


Questions about your finances


Questions about your chosen study destination


You must answer honestly and truthfully to the best of your knowledge to the questions. Be precise and specific – if you do not understand a question, do not be afraid to ask to repeat it rather giving incorrect or meaningless answer.


6 steps to success (6s2s)

Step 1
Research the course: gather thorough knowledge about the course you are applying for including structure, modules, number of semesters, total duration, study hours, teaching and assessment methods, professional recognition, learning outcomes and progression route.


Step 2
Research the university: collect clear knowledge on the university you have chosen including study location, international student population, student services and facilities provided, resources available, accommodation facilities, distinctive features etc.


Step 3
Research other universities: to justify your choice, you should research other universities for the course you have chosen and find how those universities compare with the one you have selected. You should also establish reasons for not choosing the other ones.


Step 4
Fix your future academic and career plans: you should have a clear academic goal on completion of the chosen course or concise plans for your career aims i.e. you should be able to mention what position and what sort of industry you have in your mind at your home country for your career.


Step 5
Know your finance matters: You must have clear picture about your study and living costs abroad as a student. Make sure you know costs for your tuition fees and maintenance per month. You must be able to justify your/your family’s ability to meet these costs.


Step 6
Research major destination countries: amass detailed information on your destination country and how you will be better off studying there in comparison to your home country and other major countries abroad - how studying in your chosen country will be more beneficial for you.


Many students fail to provide appropriate and sufficient answers for the questions asked in the credibility interviews and hence fail to secure admission or study visa. For common reasons for student visa refusal, please check HERE. Total Student Care (TSC) provides full guidance to prepare you for these interviews. We also provide training and practice sessions to ensure you do well in the interviews.


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