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As an official UCAS registered centre, Total Student Care (TSC) will provide you with free, independent
advice on how to submit a high quality UCAS application. To get your application
started today, take the first step and arrange your free consultation.

You can choose maximum 5 universities for your admission application via UCAS. The competition
could be high against seat available for your chosen subject and only the best suitable
candidates would get offer. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you choose
the right university, understand the UCAS process fully and follow
correct procedures when submitting your application.

Get help with your UCAS application

You may choose to submit your UCAS application using the Total Student Care (TSC) buzzword and we will help you throughout your admission procedures.

Our buzzword is: totalstudentcare

Among the areas we can advise and provide support on:
  • Providing consultation on key dates and deadlines
  • Choosing universities and programmes
  • Creating your UCAS application
  • Writing a winning Personal Statement
  • Deciding on 5 major universities
  • Providing a reference to UCAS
  • Submitting your application to UCAS
  • Making changes to your contact details
  • Tracking your application on your behalf
  • Sending exam results to meet condition of offer
  • Deciding on acceptance and replying to offers

Starting your UCAS application online

Do not worry if you are unable to meet us at our office, you can still link your application to Total Student Care (TSC) by using our buzzword.

6 steps to success (6s2s)

Step 1

Register your account

Visit the UCAS website to register. Once you complete the
registration, you will get an automatically generated username
(keep note of the information, username and password).
Step 2

Choose application option

After you login, you will be in a page, where you will be asked -
How are you applying? Choose this option –
Through another organisation.Then click on next.
Step 3

Type your buzzword

Provide the buzzword: totalstudentcare and click next. Confirm
if you are registering through – Total Student Care (TSC),
Unit 106, E1 Business Centre, 7 Whitechapel Road, London .....
Is this correct? Click on yes
Step 4

Verify email address

In the next screen, you will be given your personal ID, keep
a note. Then click on link - please click here to verify your email
address, check your email for a code sent to you.
Step 5

Provide verification code

Copy and paste the code in the verification code box and submit.
The new window will read -Thank you; your email address has
been verified. Click here to return to the Welcome page.
Step 6

Start your application

In the home page, at the left, click on each link and complete
the form (as you will be already in 'welcome' page,
start your application from Personal details menu).

Please note that the application process take long time and more than one sitting – if you can not complete
the application in one sitting, do not forget to save the information you already provided. You can
come back later to finish the remaining sections by logging back in anytime.

Contact us for more information HERE.

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