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The MBA Global Business is a premier masters qualification offered at Coventry University London – the qualification is a powerful demonstration of some of the most sought-after attributes in any executive: intelligence; innovation; and determination. It blends established expertise with the latest thinking of contemporary business and management to provide a real catalyst to develop career.

In a fiercely competitive employment market, the MBA gives graduates a real edge. MBA Global Business has brought distinctive dimension in learning with global perspectives to address contemporary business and management issues – this has influenced me hugely to choose the programme.

This MBA programme is designed to reflect the increased emphasis on multidisciplinarity and international perspective arising from todays' market developments and explores the complexity and diversity of business in an increasingly interconnected world. The programme takes account of the consolidation of managerial and institutional economic interpretations of international business and how to market and promote it in the changing situation.

From the study of the programme I will be able to develop critical analytical skills in assessing the global environment for business; identify new international business opportunities and analysing international markets and industries; deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively, make sound judgements in the absence of complete data, and communicate their conclusions clearly to a range of audiences; make decisions in complex and unpredictable situations; be self-directed and able to act autonomously in planning and implementing projects professionally; take responsibility for continuing to develop their own knowledge and skills; apply an action inquiry approach to develop strategies for effecting change by demonstrating effective negotiation, influencing and leadership skills.

Earlier I studied a BA (Hons) in International Business Management under the Anglia Ruskin University. In this study I have gained operational and mid-level business and management knowledge and skills in areas including, Applied Financial Accounting, Business Planning and Decision Making, Corporate and Business Law, Performance Management, Organisational Environment, Human Resource Management, Information for Business, Applied Financial Management, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Business in an International Context, Marketing.

The study has given me detailed knowledge and skills in business and management. But since it is my first degree in the area, there are rough edges in my professional attainments which can be polished by a master degree; and an MBA is an obvious choice to carry forward and transfer this graduate level knowledge for achieving further advanced levels and master the area through a master degree.

It is very pleasing to see that the areas covered in my BA study have similarities with the MBA syllabus contents and learning outcomes; some papers of BA are identical to the MBA modules that include Advanced Business Practice, Sustainable Strategy – from Planning to Implementation, Leading in a Changing World, Finance, Funding and Legislative Frameworks for success, Marketing in a Global Age, Project Management, From Local to Global: Strategies for International Development, Managing International Trade, Global Human Resource Strategies. Therefore, my BA study will complement the MBA study hugely and help me understand the course better for outstanding performance.

Furthermore, MBA is a post-graduation qualification – as its name suggests with the prefix ‘post’, it is to be studied following the graduation - in my case, I have done the graduation, BA; and hence it is an ideal opportunity to progress towards this post-graduation degree programme which is considered to be the master of business master degrees. Additionally, the course is accredited by the highly esteemed Chartered Management Institute (CMI) – this will add further value towards the accomplishments.

I believe, the course will enhance my current level of knowledge, skills and professional to advanced & strategic level and earn me invaluable academic progressions and career advancements. The Global orientation of the course would be an added bonus on top of the supreme learning in complementing my business knowledge gained from my BA.

Coventry’s London campus has gained unique recognitions in teaching the programme successfully for excellence. The university bears high profiled ranking academically and have dominating respects from employers. The London campus is located in the business hub of Europe and in the midst of diverse cultures and nationals. The academic learning here is mixed with real world environment from the surroundings. The exemplary student welfare services with its cutting edge campus would be a true place for learning. I will l<span style="\&quot;line-height:" 1.6em;\"="">ook no further if I get an opportunity to study this programme at Coventry University London.