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Personal Statement - MSc International BusinessShare

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. While applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I am keen to undertake the MSc International Business programme with Advanced Practice module at Ulster University London campus as I believe this course will enable me to build, develop, and integrate international business theory, concept and applications while developing professional skills for application to international business practice.

Today’s business organisations demand multi-skilled individuals with all-round qualifications in business, finance, banking, management, marketing to keep pace with the competition and tackle the economic crisis; and they require top management with premier knowledge in all these key areas – to win the challenge of contemporary organisations, My recent and earlier studies have been one-dimensional and confined my attainments in finance area which is a single function of wider business aspects. To eradicate this academic limitation, I have decided to prepare myself with further expertise and new branches of knowledge that can enhance and develop my skills further with advanced competency and professionalism and earn me  progressions of capabilities and for careers. The MSc in International Business programme offered by the Ulster University can twin and tune my current qualification and give me the completeness of knowledge and skills; and help me get to the pinnacle of a successful career.

With an Advanced Practice element, this course offers applied knowledge alongside practical management skills development and provides the knowledge of professional practice required at middle management level within the international business and management sector. The course will help me understand how to conduct business internationally and, in particular, how to do so from evolving states. It will crucially help me understand the particular challenges faced in developing corporate strategy, attracting foreign direct investment and working in countries with very different cultures, institutions, laws and business practices.


Alongside the Advanced Practice module, the distinctive Global Business in Context, The Digital Landscape, Global Strategy, International HRM, International Entrepreneurship modules have inspired me to determine for this study while the other modules cemented the decision. The study would truly provide me with well-rounded academic attainments and reward me with progressions of newer and unique branches of contemporary knowledge in the area of ever changing business world.

From the study, I will also gain progressions of skills including analytical and problem-solving business-related Skills with a very strong emphasis on relevant international challenges and issues. I will not only gain new perspectives and ways of addressing international problems, I will also develop other important skills which will enhance my value to employers – for example, presentation, report-writing and IT skills, negotiation, team-work and leadership, skills in research design and analysis, and the ability to plan and manage a demanding schedule of work. I will be able to enhance my personal development including areas in giving presentations, team working, report writing, negotiation, and IT skills.

My current and past studies at Bachelors and Masters Levels all have been in the commerce, business, finance and management discipline that of same genre of homogenous knowledge of international business at different levels in varied contexts. Those learning are interrelated and form cumulative accomplishments in one broad umbrella of business that comprise multi functionality. Therefore, I can bring my current and past academic and professional achievements to complement this MSc study while gain newer and extended level of knowledge to enhance my current strength to higher levels and create brighter career opportunities.


With MSc International Business Degree knowledge and advanced practice professional skills, I aim to open my career in my home country Pakistan. In addition to my other qualifications and experience, this masters degree will be pivotal to realize my immediate career target as business development manager in the banking sector of Pakistan. The sector lags behind international standard at present in many ways. I aim to introduce innovative business processes and align the sector with international pace from my own place and position. In the long run, I wish to see myself as business development director with multiple responsibilities and go above & beyond my position to bring about revolutionary positive changes in the sector.


With a 94% graduate employment opportunity, Ulster University helps students shaping the future in its world-class academic set-up – I am convinced that this degree from this university would be instrumental to capitalize on my career vision. Maintaining multi-cultural student population, the university provides inspiring academic experience - it became winner of 'Most Improved Student Experience' (THE, 2016) due to its welcoming and caring hands to its students. It is one of the world's top 15 universities under 50 years old, a young, dynamic and innovative university. At Ulster, the self-paced education and taking own responsibilities in learning gives students chances to undertake challenges and thrive in difficulties and opportunities for learning by doing. These factors alongside other features have been deciding elements for choosing the university.


I have chosen the London campus of the university as I have studied my current course in London and live in London - I am familiar with the city and it has become my second home due to its multi-cultural environment while a big community from my country has been my inspiration to aim high and stand out from the crowd. Moving to new city will steal valuable study time as I will have start life all over again at new place with new people and culture.


But most importantly, I have come across a city in London that offers world's top business organizations' experience to observe, to learn, to practice and this are invaluable transferable skills that might not be available elsewhere in the world let alone other cities of UK. The Ulster London campus is situated right in the middle of city hub of the capital and surrounded by top brands of Europe, USA and the world. To and from the classroom, I will have the chance to gain real-world experience and when in the class, I will have the industry experienced and business community linked tutors who bring workplace into classrooms. Besides, a small student community at London campus will offer more chance to get one-to-one interaction with tutors and get personalised attention and supports. In addition to to the above, from the diverse community and culture, I will mature with life-skills that are required for professional development and international career success. The connections I will link in London could be a big factor for my future success. No wonder, London is my 1st choice while comparing with other cities.