SOP - MSc Computer Science with Professional Experience

07 July, 2022


SOP - MSc Computer Science with Professional Experience

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I amkeento pursueMSc ComputerSciencewith ProfessionalExperienceatYork StJohn University. This programme will balance bothadvancedpractical skills and theoreticalknowledge to providewith theabilityto entera range ofprofessionalIT disciplines andemployment.Moreover, this coursehelps student to furtherdevelop their knowledge andskills within the cutting-edgeareas of ComputerScience.

Accordingto myresearch andfindingsIhavefound that an MScin ComputerSciencewillequip student with the keyknowledge and skills in order to impact thefutureof technologicaladvances in computer-basedsystems.Inaddition, thiscourseis suitableforme to enhancemyacademic qualifications and it will bea great opportunityto start asuccessful careerthrough deep insights and practical knowledge. Myprevious academic qualificationsandunderstandingof computer science will also helpme to understand different components ofthe MSc coursemodules.Furthermore,myprofessional experience willgive mesomeextraadvantage to obtaingoodscore in some ofthe modules whichare directlylinked withmyworkexperiences. All throughoutmyentirecareer,Ihave accumulatedprofessionalability,usefulknowledge,communication skills and analytical skills with variousexperiences.Ihavethe capabilityofdealing even with complextechnical issues withananalytical andprofessionalapproach.As of the moment,Iaminterested in learningallthe related skills andknowledge from this course. For this reason, thiscoursewill bethe right choicefor mycareerplans andobjectives.

AftercompletingSSC andDiplomain EngineeringExamination in ComputerTechnology,IstudiedB.Sc.EngineeringinComputerScienceand Engineering andsuccessfullycompletedin May2016.Itwas afascinatingexperience forme to learn thecoresubjects of computer science and this course havegrown asignificantinterest about computerscience.InMarch 2016Istarted myworkcareer withAppsticITasanITInstructorandworked thereuntil September2020. Duringthis timeIfelt the necessityofdoingan MSctoadvance myself both academicallyandprofessionally.Afterdeciding,Ihave doneawiderange ofresearch on studyingabroad.Ibelievestudyingabroad develops students tolearnnewlanguages, appreciateothercultures,overcome challenges of livinginanother countryandgain agreaterunderstandingof the world.Oncompletion,Iwant to come back to mycountryand this course will createa platform forme to exploredifferentcareeropportunitiessuch asLegaland policyresearch assistant, CyberSecurityAnalyst, Data Scientist, SoftwareConsultant andData ScienceConsultant. As we see from the evidences in ourcountrythatUK graduatescaneasilygrabbettercareer positions in competitive job sectors so it would bea great opportunityfor meifIcansuccessfullyobtain this degree.

It would beagreat opportunityto increase myknowledge andenhancemyskills from thecourse. York St John UniversityoffersArtificialIntelligence Concepts, Cloud Computing,UserCentredDesign, Agile SoftwareDevelopment, BigData,Internet of Things, CyberSecurityand MachineLearning.All the modules of thiscoursearewell designedand highlydemanding. Toachieve professional efficiencythisProfessional Experience course will helpme to create better opportunities in mycareerobjectives.

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