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Statement of Purpose - MSc International BusinessShare

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. While applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

Upon finishing my recent study of MSc International Finance, while waiting for the final result, a thorough inspection in my accomplishments till now, I find myself narrowed to a one dimensional direction of accounting and finance. A transition and shift to UK’s dynamic environment from my home country Pakistan, I have observed the broader aspects of career directions and demands of global business organisations. The needs for rounded knowledge and skills are imperative irrespective of which department of any particular business organisations or industry I will work in future. Expertise in business acumen is a must to develop career and complement any role I will be entrusted with be it finance or human resource. This SWOT analysis of my academic profile has prompted me to explore further branches of knowledge and I have decided to pursue the MSc International Business Programme offers by Ulster University.


I have done a comprehensive research on the course and am satisfied with the modules and learning outcomes offered through these areas.


The Global Business Context, International Marketing, The Digital Landscape, International HRM, Global Strategy, International Entrepreneurship are areas that I am craving to learn to fit into the changing world of Business organisations. The study will give a chance to top up my current knowledge in International Finance and gain further areas of new branches of business functions at advanced levels – this will facilitate opening my career with varied choices rather than a confinement in finance area. Besides, whichever role I avail, with comprehensive knowledge of business functions, I will make my role more effective and be able to create better chances of promotion and career jump to higher position or bigger organisation. The study and attainments will transform my current contour significantly with added value and rewarding career.


From the study I aim to learn the key concepts of global business and prepare myself for multifaceted work environment in the regional, national and international contexts. In a world of digitalised system in every aspect of life, my target is to learn how this affect and influence business organisation and how to respond to the changes in technology in modern and dynamic e-business set-up and capitalise on that. As marketing have been instrumental for the organisational success and gain more shares of market, I see utmost need of learning the area from international perspectives. I have my target to learn effective people management, marinating employee relations, managing diversity, multi-cultural environment, hiring and firing, bonus, payment, leave, productivity etc. areas from the International Human Resource Management module of the course. This multi-layered area of knowledge will provide me tools and techniques for setting global strategy and the dedicated module is going to be perfect recipe to formalise my learning process and prepare me well as an strategist. In addition to enriching myself with enhanced knowledge in wide range of areas, I will come out with entrepreneurial skills as the course is designed with this time-bound module too. All these accomplishments will be strengthened with accumulated works in the research project phase in business management area. As a forward looking students and ambitious graduate, I cannot afford to miss out this great opportunity.


With this qualification, along with my current academic and professional achievements, my target is build a career as either a business adviser, business analyst, management consultant, business development manager in corporate investment banking sector in my home country, Pakistan. I also have my vision to become an entrepreneur in long term career goals. The advanced practice module offered alongside the course is a not to miss chance to learn the ‘soft-skills’ and prepare myself with professional discourses and develop my being as a businessman. The study will open a wide range of choices for my future career move at my command and convenience and drive my success with competences and competitiveness.


The impressive 94% graduate employment rate of Ulster University graduates has drawn my attention at the outset and further research on the university’s courses that meet my future plans has helped me finalise my decision for the course and the university. The university’s close links with contemporary industries means the course integrates the requirements of prospective employers’ needs and has been designed accordingly. The faculty members have professional experience in the fields they will be teaching and they bring this into class to prepare learners with practice-based learning. At ulster, the learning will be mostly by doing and applying theories into practical assignments or tasks. In contrast to memory based learning, the self-paced independent and interactive learning culture of the university will be a real opportunity to develop myself and enhance my skills and efficiency.


In the London campus of the university, I will be in advantageous position as the campus is in the centre of worlds’ business organisations.  Surrounded by trending industries, the campus offers a diverse education environment to learn in and out of the classrooms. In a small class sizes, students reap extra benefits of one to one supports in family learning environment. I will have greater share of interactions with teachers and peers – a chance to develop a close professional relationships with my tutors and strong networking opportunities with my fellow students. These important factors would be significant attributes for my professional profile.


I am confident I have made the right choice for course, campus and university – this is a strategic decision I have made not only for my academic progressions of a new arena of knowledge but also for my career progressions too.  The award and reward will be truly turning points of my life and pursuits.