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Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. While applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

Today’s world of success is dominated by business and Accounting is often described as the 'language of business', it involves analysing and using financial information to understand and evaluate the financial position of an organisation. Accounting is really the language business speaks. Business communicates in dollars and pounds and accountants are an integral part of that communication.

A professional accounting qualification is not just for people who want to become accountants. It equips for a broad spectrum of successful careers. In fact, contemporary accountants are key personnel of management teams in small and large business, financial services, non-profit, public, government, and private organizations, all of which require an ability to understand and interpret financial information for use in decision making. The qualification prepares for any role, from strategic planning to risk analysis. ACCA programme leads the hosts of professional accounting qualifications and I am eager to pursue this.

I had completed and MBA in the near past. In this programme, I studied leading and managing people, accounting for leaders, marketing products and services in dynamic environment, mobilising creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship and small business management, strategy, operations and projects management, thriving in a competitive global context, personal and professional development areas and got myself attached with crucial functions of business and managements.

After my MBA, I selected to take a post study work visa to transform my academic knowledge into skills and competency from practical work and took a role as Accounts Assistant in TCC Ltd, a Franchisee of Burger King (of 90 Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7RA, UK). In this position, my responsibilities include production of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payroll and associate statutory returns - to ensure accurate and timely, in-house payroll production(8 branches with 300 employee’s), in accordance with statutory regulations; liaise with revenue and customs and send P45/P46 to revenue and customs for all starters and leavers & processing Wages and Salaries on Sage Line 50; Complete forms as required by HM Customs & Excise; preparing mmanagement Reports and Cash flow Forecast; managing Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Bank reconciliation, Inter-company Reconciliation, and VAT Return & managing people and work as a team member but with leadership capability. The role has truly enabled me to see the reflection of my academic knowledge and career pursuance. It has also mobilised my passion for further formal professional competencies in the area and take my career to greater height. The ACCA qualification can equip me with my desired skill set and provide with the wealth of competencies to fulfil my desired career in future.

The academic learning from the MBA and the practical skills from my work as Accounts Assistant – both have direct relations with the ACCA learning targets and experience requirements, in theoretical context and in applied aspects. This will complement my ACCA study and membership in professional exams and in practice. I have clear idea what the course has to offer and what I expect to gain from it. This surely gives me an advantage even before I start studying the programme.

The study would provide me with advanced level of knowledge and competencies which did not feature in my past studies and thus enhance my skills and ability to higher levels and lead to progressions, of qualification and of achievements.

I will be equipped with the advanced level skills and understanding necessary to effectively and efficiently perform tasks relevant to the corporations or organisations involved with accounting and finance.  I will be able to work effectively in teams and independently, to evaluate critically, think creatively and communicate effectively with respect to issues in different areas of accounting and finance; and to recognise good practice in the analysis, planning and management of accounting policies and corporate financial strategies.  I will also develop an advanced level of understanding of research methods and their application to a wide range of accounting reporting, accounting policies and corporate financial decisions.

On completion, I will have demanding career opportunities in private practice, industry, commerce and the public sector with jobs ranging from chartered accountants and investment analysts to management consultants or tax advisors or auditors, business developer or finance director, fund manager or brand director and many more.

While I see unlimited opportunities once I successfully complete this qualification, I find very limited quality training providers for this highly technical and professional programme. I am extremely lucky that I am placed where the best provider is – London and ACCA’s best tuition provider BPP Professional School is located here.

With 35 years experience, BPP's expert tutors provide the knowledge, skills and practical application to help ACCA students not only pass professional qualifications but to progress in professional career. The university provide its own specialist brand of tuition and guarantee pass with Free Lifetime Pass Assurance included in its Pass Ready Solution which include combines a Taught Course, Revision Course and Exam Practice Course to increase chance of passing significantly.

The mock exams simulate real-time exam scenario and the feedbacks from tutors on the assessment of mock exam papers provides practical tips to tackle weak areas and create full chance passing papers in first attempts.

The university avails the only ACCA Platinum Approved Course Materials on the market. It is no wonder over 92% students pass the papers in first attempt – this save invaluable academic time and facilitate opportunities to get into career market early. I would not trust any other provider but BPP to train for this qualification.