Personal Statement - BA (Hons) English

09 July, 2022


Personal Statement - BA (Hons) English

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I construct this application with great exuberance, initiating my journey to study the BA (Hons) English (Including Arts, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences - International Foundation Year) programme at Cardi? University to enhance my current academic attainments, proliferate my skills in a subject synonymous with my character, and pave a path to better career opportunities in the ?eld.

Following my high school graduation from European Standard School (ESS), I have pursued the subject of English Language through O LEVEL and IELTS examinations, attaining an A* and BAND 8 respectively. The passion I possess for English Language has reached an upper echelon of signi?cance in my daily life. I undertook multiple teaching, directorial and managing positions at various organisations in my home country that have required persistent knowledge and dynamic, creative use of the subject. Completing the Bronze and Silver levels of The Duke of Edinburgh programme has also helped me realise the importance of communication, teamwork and the power of self-expression from a very young age. Aside from my academic pursuits, I am a professional Writer, Producer and Recording Artist with 10 years of Media experience under my belt. Thus, the freedom of choosing from a variety of modules that Cardi? University provides ?ts the narrative of my ambitions like a glove

A greater analogy describing the symbiotic relationship I have with this course would be comparing the subject to an endless book of self-expression, and I, both its reader and creator. When given an empty canvas to ?ll, this course provides a singularity, the one thing any English Language student hopes for; Boundless Creativity. The provision to delve deeper into the art and knowledge of Linguistics in this course blends in seamlessly with all the experience I have accumulated through years of not only studying, but exploring the depths of the English Language; its vastness, the splendour of Speech. Yet a ship only sails with its crew on board, which makes the team I aim to study under crucial. For this very sentiment, it has been a great source of joy to see the incredible, dedicated and engaged professionals that teach this course at Cardi? University, under who’s innovative, world-renowned teaching practices, and watchful eye I aim to thrive; both during the duration of my course and well into my professional career.

It would be an incredible opportunity to expand my knowledge and amplify my skills from your remarkable University. Being aware of the prodigious range of this subject, I am elated to learn so much more about something I have forever considered a great passion. From its practical use to its intellectual artistry, I truly believe I have found a subject and course perfect for me. This advanced level of study, I conceptualise, will add further value in achieving career building, professional e?ciency. Strikingly similar to my course of choice, I want to have a complete grasp of the subject, leaving no room for boundaries, creating no glass ceilings. I am certain that whether I apply the skills that I dream to hone at Cardi? University as a Writer or in the Marketing ?eld, I can make the right decision through this remarkable course.

With the quali?cation and the skills from UK, I am con?dent in grabbing a higher level career position in my home country as evidenced by previous UK graduates. My target is to see myself as The Editor in Chief for Dhaka Tribune; a top, highly respected news portal in Bangladesh. I have discussed this prospect, and they will be open to my application once I graduate.

My decision to study the BA (HONS) English (Including Arts, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences - International Foundation Year) program in the UK is driven by the sheer lack of application and opportunity for this subject in Bangladesh. In a developing country riddled with political chaos, courses of the calibre suited to my potential are rare. And of what is available, the instability of the nation makes it di?cult to focus on my education. In addition, the academic environment in this country consists mostly of national students. The education too lacks a diverse outlook and approach to the way it is taught. A non-multicultural student community, paired with low versatility in learning, limits my academic goals and aspirations.

The UK’s academic reputation is globally renowned, especially in my home country. A UK degree prepares its graduates with great academic prowess and develops personal and professional skills fundamental for organisational success. Skills attained in and carried over from the UK are vital when aiming for organisational growth and a competitive edge. According to the Bangladesh-UK Alumni Network (BUKAN), there are approximately 20,000 UK alumni living and working in Bangladesh, many of them using their knowledge and experience from the UK to create positive impact in the country. This staggering number of post-graduation success has strengthened my ambition to get a degree from the UK. Choosing the UK over other education destinations is a calculated, yet easy choice to make as well, as all my past education has been under UK curriculums. I can see myself thriving more in a world of knowledge and teaching methods I’m accustomed to.

Cardi? University is a household name, known globally for its excellence in research, its brilliance in academia, and its incomparable Student Union. No wonder the University has been ranked at 159 by QS World University Rankings and 191 by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Cardi? University is also surrounded by an incredible display of culture and scenery. Available extra-curriculum activities provided by the University are greatly appealing to me. As mentioned previously, thisspeci?c course is in perfect symmetry with my vision as an international student.

The right course taught by respected, consummate professionals to a student eager to learn is the ideal blend, and I will look no further if given the chance to study atCardi? University.

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