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I am keen to follow the Extended Masters offered by the BPP University, UK’s only university exclusively dedicated for business and the professions.

As this 2 year programme is designed with a Pre-Masters Diploma in Business Management in the 1st year and then an MSc in the 2nd year – the programme aims to prepare students with pre knowledge for the chosen field of MSc at the university including MSc Management, MSc Management with Finance, MSc Management with Project Management, MSc International Marketing. As the course name suggests, therefore, the study could offer an extended knowledge and strong foundation for the main MSc, in particular, for students who might have knowledge gap in previous studies.

Till now, I have been a student of business and management discipline since my secondary school – after my higher secondary qualification, I attained a Higher National Diploma in Business. As per my academic plan, I have topped up my knowledge in business management with a BA (Hons) Business Management under the University of Sunderland. Though my BA result does not truly reflect my understanding the subject area, for the avoidance of any doubt and any weakness in achievements, I have chosen to take a course that offers pre-masters study, so that a can revisit, review, reassess my strengths and weaknesses and then address areas where I may need corrective measures to turn my weakness to strength and my strength to further power – this Extended Masters course would be an ideal opportunity to evaluate my academic accomplishments so far and to meet my academic targets of gaining a master degree in my planned area of study, management.

To mention specifically, at the Pre-Masters stage, the English language and Communication Skills module of the course will enhance my efficiency in English specially Business English and terminologies and academic study skills that are required mastery to follow a master degree in business management. I will get the chance to develop the art of communication required for management career in global arena - produce information and amalgamate ideas drawn from varied sources, and critically evaluate alternative explanations, arguments and theories in the medium of English language. My efficiency in English will be at expert level to be able to critically evaluate supplied or collected information and apply to a complex scenario to suggest a reasoned conclusion and exchange complex ideas and arguments in English to specialist and non-specialist audiences using a range of media and methods clearly and concisely in the most appropriate forms.

Understanding Economics and Business module of the course would enable me to learn models of varied business culture in different economic segments internationally, the conduction of business in diverse set up and platforms and how to gain competitive advantages in different markets. The Business Accounting module will provide a thorough grounding for cost, financial and management accounting for financial data, information, statistics that are required for monitoring, controlling, performance analysis and making important financial decisions on resources and allocation of it, investments and expansions.

People in Organisations and Operations Management modules would equip me with skills required to operate business and manoeuvre it skilfully while managing staff effectively and efficiently for maximum output. I will learn how to have a motivated team of workforce, how to retain key employees, about their benefits, hiring and firing them as required, train them when necessary, ethical and legal issues for employees  and above all how to lead them within organisational culture and practice to meet business objectives. 

The Diploma Project will culminate the accumulated knowledge and skills from the above and give a real chance to check my achievement from the pre-masters study – a success at this stage will earn my entry ticket to the premier opening show of MSc study. The embedded knowledge from this Pre-Masters study along with my past and current studies would perfectly commence the occasion since all of them will have comprehensive inputs and transferable contents to complement and harmonize the learning of the MSc Management course that I have in my plan to follow on completion of this Pre-Masters. The MSc Management qualification would take my academic height to higher level with advanced knowledge and skills which will entail me opening a career, developing it progressively to prestigious position.

To start with, on completion of the MSc, I aim to commence my career as a Business Executive, Operational Manager, Business Analyst, Business Development Officer in banking, clothing, telecommunication or property development industry in Bangladesh – these are major industries that are pillars of the economic and financial backbone in Bangladesh  in recent times – the sectors have created a sea of employment opportunities for graduates who really matter in the growth process in gaining global access. An MSc from BPP University, UK will give me the distinctive edge to claim to be a top contender position in demands. In the long-term, I will have opportunities to establish my position as key employee and win higher position at strategic management levels.


When choosing a higher education course and a university that could be fulfilling for academic targets, it could go wrong without careful research. I have done my home work on this and conducted some field research too. I am convinced that it is no other university but BPP University that offers the best learning package for this course.

Unlike other traditional universities, BPP brings the workplace into classroom. The university’s flagship academic and career skills training in every stage of the qualification is a unique feature that prepare graduates to stand out from the rest. The career ready certificate testifies the skills graduates’ readiness to start job assignments straightway.

The classes and the tuitions at BPP – professionals to professional – it means tutors who are all business professionals in real life pass their knowledge and experience formally to learners who are budding professionals at professional set ups. Learning are shared and discussed in small groups, seminars, presentations and adjusted by the personal tutor as to meet requirements of future industry and commerce management. BPP provides tools for Virtual Learning in addition to traditional resources so that students are equipped with online techniques that could dominate traits of future management.

The university won best higher education and best professional education awards recently. I strongly believe, an MSc qualification from this university would entitle me for my awards in future for career and for high success.