BSc (Hons) Professional Accounting Course

23 May, 2015


BSc (Hons) Professional Accounting Course

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

My aim is to become a qualified professional accountant in life. With my current academic standing, I have found that the BSc (Hons) Professional Accounting course is the fastest route towards achieving my goal; and I have made up my mind to follow this degree programme as part of my academic and career plans.

This degree course provides comprehensive theoretical knowledge in the domains of accounting and its associated functions while give practical grounding in accounting and business disciplines that could help me to becoming exam qualified with the 3 major accounting professional bodies including ACCA, ICAEW and CIMA in the shortest possible time. Therefore, this BSc qualification could truly be an efficient, effective, economic way to becoming a professional accountant while earning me a UK Bachelor Degree that focus on the practical, real-life application that underpin rounded academic theory and research in major and minor branches of accounting functions that contemporary business and organisations require. This course is fully directed towards professional career and the syllabus is designed along the same lines as professional examinations while providing academic theory comprehensively to give a strong foundation. I do not see any other course that complement my future academic plan and career goals more closely.

After visiting the course page in BPP university website, I can see the modules, syllabus and learning outcomes of this BSc (Hons) Professional Accounting course are intellectually stimulating and challenging. The course is designed to shape the accountants of the future and to define and direct accounting and finance professionals to become successful in their roles and hence to make learners career ready with focus on career skills on top of academic depth.

The modules of the course evolve around financial accounting, management accounting, business, tax, audit, business law, strategy, leadership, commercial awarness, mathematical skills for business, professional ethics, financial control, managing people along with other important areas to provide well rounded knolwdge and competences over 3 years in 3 academic levels, level 4, level 5 and level 6. My recently completed International Foundation Programme (IFP) which is a Level 3 qualification perfectly lead to this course. Module of this IFP including People Management, Accounting, Business would complement this BSc course. Moreover, I studied Mathematics in my GCE A & O Levels, Accounting in my GCE O Level – these will further give me chance to incorporate knowledge in this BSc study since there are similarities in learning outcomes.

Since BSc is higher level qualification and at degree level, I will be able to gain academic progressions at advanced level and enhance my current knolwdge and skills to higher stages from the study. I will gain a comprehensive understanding of the role and function of accounting, systematic knolwdge of the theories, models, techniques, critical evaluation of varied situations and how its different branches and sub-branches interrelate and play vital roles in the effective management of business and organisations. I will be able to develop a critical understanding of the key concepts of accounting fundamentals and how to apply those in practice at professional level, learn to use professional judgements, apply professional ethics with skills and knolwdge in personal values and professional codes. The study will also help me to become an effective communicator of complex financial findings and well justified recommendations to higher managers. As added value, I will also develop a wide range of skills and attributes which facilititates effective transitions into real-world work environment – I will learn to manage, lead while taking personal and professional responsibilies and work as part of a team. The study would, in fact, equip me with detailed knowledge and understanding, coginitive skills, professional skills and attitudes, transferable skills and soft skills that every employers

look for. The study would be a catalyst to transform my academic achievements and career target as I have planned and as I like to see.

On completion of this BSc Degree, my plan is to follw the ACCA programme. I believe, I would get exemptions for upto 9 papers of ACCA and be able to finish the ACCA course within a year to become an affiliate member of this prestigious professional accounting body. Once professionally qualified, I would like to develop my career as a professional accountant. With accountants being in the forefront of any other career, I belive I will have a complete and fulfilling career life.

I have researched on other institutions in the UK including my current Sponsor, University of West London, London South Bank University, University of Bedfordshire, University of Westminster, Anglia Ruskin University London Campus LCA Business School, Ulster University London campus QA Business School. Most of the university’s do not have intake that could match my IFP final result and visa expiry with their course start dates. Besides, their course structures do not meet my academic targets as I expect and tuition fees over £9000 with those.

BPP University’s fees are very reasonable while quality is better than those in my opinion, therefore an excellent value for money – as a potential student of accounting, this savings has mattered to me in selecting university. BPP won the best professional education provider award in 2013 in the UK – it means I am not losing anything rather gaining better at lower costs. The university cultivate and nurture professionalism throughout the tuition, the teachers are from professional background and prepare students to become pioneers in professional life.

The tuition is provided in small groups and seminar style set ups with unparallel learning resources. The university also equip students with competitive edge so that they are career ready once qualified. I do not know what other university can offer all these great features that are so attached to my study mission and career vision.

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