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Courese Name: MSc Computing and Information Technology

University: Northumbria University
Location: London, United Kingdom

Businesses rely on computing to succeed, and on knowledgeable, skilled and passionate individuals to manage such vital technology within their organisation. Studying the MSc Computing and Information

Courese Name: MSc Cyber Security

University: Birmingham City University
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Designed to meet the growing demand from global business and industry for robust cyber security systems, this course underpins the principles and practical professional skills you’ll need to me

Courese Name: MSc Digital Broadcast Technology

University: Birmingham City University
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Technologies in the TV and broadcast industries are rapidly advancing and converging with web-based services, games and virtual environments. The global industry continues to offer increasing opportun

Courese Name: MSc Project Management

University: Birmingham City University
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

This Project Management MSc programme is designed to equip tomorrow’s managers with the necessary skills for managing and contributing to successful projects, and tackling complex problems. The

Courese Name: MSc Internet and Distributed Systems

University: University of Brighton
Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

The Internet and Distributed Systems course will help you design and build secure, scalable internet applications and reusable software components. This is a practical course which focuses on the d

Courese Name: MSc Computer Science

University: Bangor University
Location: Bangor, United Kingdom

This course takes an immersive approach to learning both the principles and practices of computer systems with much of the material based around examples and practical exercises. Students completing t

Courese Name: MSc Information Technology

University: University of the West of Scotland
Location: Paisley, United Kingdom

Business requires IT professionals who can design, deploy and utilise business relevant IT-based systems and services. The programme helps to satisfy this demand, deepening your understanding of moder

Courese Name: MSc Computer Networking

University: University of Bedfordshire
Location: Luton, United Kingdom

With the arrival of Internet of Things, and 24/7 connectivity to world-wide network facilities (be it a desktop, laptop, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs) there is an increased need for continued deve