Profile – Total Student Care

Introducing Total Student Care (TSC), one of the leading education agents for study in the UK

  • Company name

    Total Student Care (TSC)

  • Legal Status

    Limited Company

  • Trade Licence Number

    136000-13494 (Dhaka City Corp.) – 2008

  • Nature of business

    Education Consultancy

  • Name of the Director

    K M Enayet Hossain

  • Registration Number

    06937862 (England and Wales) – 2009


Total Student Care (TSC) is an Education Agent with global recognition and reputation – we provide helps and advice to International Students who pursue higher education abroad. We believe that education is a fundamental right and everyone should have access to quality higher education. With this view in mind, we strive to create opportunities for those who have genuine aspiration and honest intention, who seek excellent quality in tuition, student services, qualifications and career prospects post qualification. 


We work in the best interest of both students and our partner universities and colleges - we are professional and reliable. We follow the British Council's "Guide to Good Practice for Education Agents" in our conducts and the Principles of ''London Statement''. Our activities also incorporate guidelines of English UK, QISAN and ICEF. In addition to the professional code of conducts, we observe ethical, moral and personal values to maintain high standards in our work. 

Mission statement

Our mission is to place genuine education minded students at genuine education providers. We aim to take leadership in the student consultancy industry and set examples for others with our distinguished quality of services for students and education providers. We strive to uphold the excellence of higher education by providing inclusive, competent and professional supports to student community and educational institutions.

Our vision

To successfully place students for the course at a institution only that are in the best interest of the student or their profile. To promote all round development of students abilities and personalities, and empower the potential.To provide effortless and distinctive quality service and commit to improve continually. To maintain the high standard of professionalism, performance and quality to establish exemplary excellence in higher education, and work together with prospective students and overseas colleges, universities and associate organisations.

Our goal

To remain No. 1 choice by students for higher education abroad.

Marketing and promotions

  • Attending Education Fairs i.e. StudyWorld, Alphe, UK NARIC
  • Participating in educational and agents' events
  • Attending International conference i.e. Going Global Conference (British Council), Gulf Education Conference
  • Maintaining liaison with Education Providers i.e. local and international feeder institutions
  • Placing Advertisement in popular Newspapers 
  • Arranging leaflets, flyers distribution at focal points
  • Maintaining networks with key stakeholders
  • Arranging Event Marketing in key occasions at key places
  • Conducting digital and social marketing activities through digital and social media

Professional training undertaken

  • British Council - Education UK Certificate for Counsellor
  • English UK Partner Agency Training
  • ICEF Agent Training Course to support excellence and professional standards in international education
  • PIER (Professional International Education Resources) Agent Trainings
  • ENZ - agent training about studying and living in New Zealand
  • QEAC Certificate (Pier) - Training for studying and living in Australia
  • CCEA - Canada Course for Education Agent
  • Cambridge Education Group - Certificate of Excellence in UK Education
  • Apollo Anti-Corruption (Global edition)
  • UKNARIC: International Student Recruitment: Best Practice and Education Fraud
  • UKNARIC: Tier 4 Compliance 

Growth strategy

  • Our short-term plan is to increase the number of our partner educational
  • institutions so that international students can enjoy more flexibility in their choices
  • and we have courses and educational institutions for every single and specialised
  • choice. Our long-term strategy is to open offices in Middle East, Far East, East &
  • South Asia, North America, Africa and Australia.

Our values

  • Honesty, Integrity and Objectivity
  • Open Communication and Transparency
  • Professional Skills and Due Care
  • Confidentiality and Professional Behaviour
  • Inclusiveness, Impartiality and Respect
  • Consideration, Empathy and Inspiration

Key skills and core competences gained

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the overseas education sector
  • Intelligence on competitor activity
  • Fluency in student life in overseas education destinations
  • Mastery in marketing and promotional strategies
  • Listening with empathy and attention
  • Ability to read non-verbal signals, body language, variations of voice tones
  • Maintaining focus on customer needs
  • Ability to develop and maintain good relationships
  • Efficiency in taking initiatives and be creative
  • Organising multiple tasks, effective work schedule
  • Applying flexibility with open mind and adapt with change
  • Maintaining teamwork and cooperation
  • Conducting responsiveness and responsibilities
  • Giving attention to detail and controlling quality
  • Training staff members and referees

Agent status and membership

  • British Council – Listed Agent
  • English UK – Partner Agent
  • ICEF – Trained Agent Counsellor (ITAC)
  • PIER (Professional International Education Resources) Agent
  • QISAN – Full Member
  • ENZ - Education New Zealand Trained Agent
  • QEAC (Australia) - Trained Agent (In Association with PIER)
  • CCEA - Canada Course Graduate

Our team

  • K M Enayet Hossain
    Chief Executive
  • Debdut Kumar Mondal
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Roushon Ara Begum
    Chief International Coordinator
  • Md Obayedullah Khan
    Director of Operations, Bangladesh
  • Md Bayzed Ahmed
    International Coordinator
  • Mr Taslim Ahammad
    Academic Consultant
  • Sadia Ahmed Rose
    Senior Student Counsellor, Bangladesh
  • Nafisa Anjum
    Student Counsellor, Bangladesh
  • Md Omor Faruk
    Student Counsellor, Bangladesh
  • Abdullahel Bakee Rajib
    Senior Student Counsellor, UK
  • Zubaer Khan Jilani
    Student Counsellor, UK
  • Lutfun Naher Jolly
    IELTS Course Instructor, Bangladesh
  • Sumon Mollah
    Office Assistant, Bangladesh