We strive to extend our services to wider extent to fulfil your requirements as and when required,
our target is to exceed your expectation and give you total satisfaction.It is not our
intention to limit the service we are keen to provide you with a list, but this
could specify some of the obvious services you can expect
from us and not exhaustive.

Watch video for student services provided by Total Student Care (TSC) HERE.

Our services for students

Free service

  • 2 counselling sessions of 60 minutes each
  • Qualifications mapping for prospective study
  • Course & University selection
  • Guidance on scholarship if available
  • Guidance on personal statement
  • Application for admission to 1 partner university
  • UCAS application supports
  • Guidance on admission and credibility interview
  • General guidance on visa application documents
  • General guidance visa application submission
  • Collection of offers
  • Pre-departure briefing, assistance with enrolment
  • Follow up services

Premium service

  • Unlimited one-to-one counselling sessions
  • Qualifications mapping, setting academic targets
  • Course & University selection from extensive research
  • Scholarship application supports
  • Edition of your personal statements & CV
  • Application for admission up to 5 universities
  • Application for scholarship where possible
  • Training for admission and credibility interview
  • Sessions on visa refusal reasons & preventions
  • Collection of offer/s within agreed deadlines
  • Visa application by qualified professional
  • Pre-departure briefing, assistance with enrolment
  • Pastoral care and follow up services

Please note that some of the services are free while others are not – we charge for the premium
services because they require involvements of legal professionals and 3rd parties.
Fees for chargeable services would vary according to your orders.

Features of our services

Personalised care for you

We allocate dedicated time for every single student and provide one-to-one supports tailored for
your needs. This gives you more choices and flexibilities in the manner you receive
our services - you will be actively engaged in making an informed choice
independently, we will make your decision making easier by sharing
our knowledge in the industry with you and giving you ample
and accurate information according to your demands.

We will keep in touch with you throughout your study life and provide any follow up services as
appropriate and required. Our friendly staff members are always there for any further
advice or assistance that you may require when studying abroad.

Creating value for you

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we are able to assess your
suitability for your choice of higher education course and institute quickly and save
your time, money, efforts and energy. We will give you directions in selecting
the best possible choice of our partner universities/colleges and
the most suitable course for your requirements.

We understand your needs fully because we speak your language and translate your problems
into solutions. We become your guide while you explore your choices and we give
all efforts to make your journey in the horizons of higher
education smooth and pleasant.

Quality guaranteed for you

We give utmost importance to the way we deliver our services and we practice this culture across
our organisation. We strive to provide you efficient, fair, cost effective, total
satisfying and pleasant services for your life pursuit.

We differentiate us from others with our non-compromising policy on quality. We strive to provide
our inclusive services timely, precisely and accurately. We give you the best only because
we believe you deserve the best. Our responsiveness marks our responsibilities
and our delivery of commitment is our highest strength –
we transform these to your success.

IMPORTANT: We provide our service only to the extent that host & destination countries' Law and
Immigration Law, any relevant national and international law permit &
authorise and within our practical scope.