Why choose us

Total Student Care (TSC) is a globally recognised education agent – we help students for successful admission at education institutions abroad. We are one of the fastest growing education service providers, always looking to set exemplary quality service standards. We aim to give you extra value from the services you take and enrich our own value from our experience with you.

Our distinctive features

We are professionally trained and certified education consultant, member of regulatory body and agent associations.

We work with genuine education providers; possess local knowledge and industry specialisation. We have high success rate in admission and visa application.

We provide you with guidance on career planning, follow up services for your student life-time, maintain 100% honesty, and take ‘total care’ of you.


Why choose Total Student Care (TSC)

Total Student Care (TSC) offers much more than excellent education consultancy – with us, you are not a number only;you are an individual whom we take care of. We hope that you can take great inspiration and motivationfrom our counselling and drive your ambition to the optimum level.

No obligation for you

We provide complementary advice on higher education abroad – you are under no obligation to apply through us, you are in full control of your decision. We respect your opinion and are thankful to you for sharing your educational thoughts and spending time with us.

Receive personal attention

At Total Student Care (TSC), we strive to give wholehearted personal attention to every single student in friendly manner. Our staff members are flexible in time and take assignments that best suit yours. We enjoy our work and give highest importance to your requirements.

We are caring & focused

We are highly clinical to take care of your problems and remain focused until we can find the right solution. We dedicate ourselves to understand your individual needs and provide special tailored service you may require. We are always in touch and responsive to your queries.

We are distinctive & different

We are distinctive in the quality of our services and stand out of the crowd. We provide right advice for right courseat right place in right time. We establish ‘value’ for the choice you make about your higher education pursuit. We help you to discover and recognise your potentials.

We provide outstanding commitment & delivery

Our services are our commitments to you and we deliver what we commit. We do not chase the impossibleand make fake promises, we live in reality. We are truthful to our words and maintain accountability and integrity.

We strive for maximum success rate

We provide helps with accurate and error-free application for admission and visa application lodgement. Once we take an assignment, we carry on our work on time and follow correct procedures. Our target is to maintain 100% success rate always.

Wide range of courses & year-round intakes

We cover almost any course you can name and have intakes in every 2 months for most of the courses – these give you ample choices & better power on making decision on your higher study.

Earn while you learn

We have selection of institutions that offer courses with internships & work placements – some of these are paid and students can earn while they learn from the industries. This will also open opportunities for career prospects.

We are trained professionals

We have a team of trained professional that you can rely on and trust. With us, you will get services from the best in the industry. We provide accurate, factual and updated information only. We are sensitive to the information you give and maintain strict confidentiality.

We are best education agency award winner

Total Student Care (TSC) is the winner of the Best Independent Global Education Agency 2020 (Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020, SME News). By taking our services you can be a winner too in your higher study mission.

We comply with Rules & Regulations

Compliance to Rules & Regulations is our best strength. We regularly take trainings, follow continuous professional development, observe and practice these. We comply with British Council's good practice guidance for educational agents and principles of London Statement.

Get diversity and global citizenship

Our student population are from diverse background, culture, religion, age range, society and nationality. This has enriched our knowledge and experience hugely. This also gives our students opportunities to share the positives, connect with each other and develop attitude as global citizen