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Mark Ben

I found Total Student Care (TSC) from British Council's website as a listed education agent. I contacted them without any hesitation and they were outstanding in their work process for securing my admission, communication with university for my needs. The students consultants were very responsive and informative with thorough knowledge. This is an education agent that will never let you down but bring you rewarding success for your higher study dream in the UK.

Agrodut Kumar Mondal

Agrodut Kumar Mondal Total Student Care has taken total care of my student services - they have surplassed my expectation in all aspects of my admission and visa application process. They are simply too good and expert in student services. I will recommend them to everyone.

Nita Shah

Nita Shah It was a good experience connecting with Total Student Care (TSC). They have been very cooperative all the way through. I have received proper guidance for admission in MBA course at BPP University. I would recommend to one and all. Thanks

Suresh Parajuli

Total Student Care (TSC) helped me with my MBA admission in the UK - earlier I completed a Bachelor Degree with a pass grade only and was struggling to take admission at masters course. They have found me an MBA with pre-masters course and work placement - I received 3 years student visa. I am very impressed with their guidelines that have been catalyst in my pubescence of an MBA from the UK. Thank you Total Student Care (TSC) - I shall recommend the educational agents to my fellow students.

M A Reza

M A Reza I can say, Total Student Care (TSC) is a name of trust and confidence. TSC has provided me outstanding services for my University Admission (Law) and Bar Professional Training Course admission(UOL). I was really impressed and happy on their services. The man behind this organisation is truly a highly knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. I would be happy to recommend them, for University admission, College admission or any kind of student service, to the international and local students.

Rifat Aziz

Rifat Aziz I have been taking student advice from Total Student Care (TSC) for years. When I met them 1st time, they helped me designing my academic and carer plans - the road map has brought me success in all aspects. I am grateful with Total Student Care (TSC)'s consultants who are highly knowledgeable, informative, professional and above all honest. I recommend them to all international students.

Oni Bhuiyan

I take this opportunity to write a review for Total Student Care (TSC), the best educational agency in London in my opinion. The have a solution for almost most of the students' problems - in fact, they are expert in finding a way out for complex student cases. Total Student Care (TSC) provides wide range of options in course and university selections and then progress for the admission at students' choice. Their integrity in student services can be example for others. International students can take the benefits from Total Student Care (TSC)'s excellent skills and years of experience in university admission.

Quinn Juan

Total Student Care (TSC) has truly provided me with great support throughout my university admission and Tier 4 Student Visa application. Assistance and guidance were sufficiently provided with significant emphasis on customer satisfaction. Definitely recommended to all Malaysian students for higher study in the UK alongside other international students.

Nelum Silva

Nelum Silva I had the privilege to meet Mr Hossain (ceo- Total Student Care) who is the best student adviser I ever met in UK. He dealt competently on my case with his thorough knowledge in current immigration system and issues and provide me with the best possible solution. In my case, he provide me a great service, which I am really grateful because, I was in a very serious situation due to having two Masters, collage revoked and no institute accept my application but, now I have visa for another 2.5yrs with a great education provider and with work rights, as a result of great guidance of Mr Hossain. He is very trust worthy and open person. On top of his service, he and his colleague can be contacted by email or over the phone at any time. I shall be very thankful to Total Student care for their tremendous support and advice given throughout the process. All the very best to you and your educational agent Total Student Care (TSC). PS: If you select him as your immigration adviser, make sure that you are serious on your case because these guys in total student care are moving forward faster than you think. Be prepared with your documentation and funds. Then you will experience the best service you can expect in UK. I am really excited about his organizing skills.

Arooba Yusuf

After finishing my MSc in Healthcare Leadership from a UK University, I was struggling to take admission to take a follow up course, and most of the universities rejected my applications for 2nd masters course while there was not enough time to take the application forward for PhD/DBA courses. I heard of Mr K M Enayet Hossain of Total Student Care (TSC), an UK based education agent from my Friend and contacted him immediately. With his guidelines and supports, I am now a student of Bangor University for MBA Management course. This course will lead to my academic goals and career targets. I am very grateful to Total Student Care (TSC) and Mr Hossain, will definitely recommend them to other international students.