Build your personalised CV for University admission

CV for university admission

CV is short form for Curriculum Vitae. It is an important document which is required with other documents for university admission applications.

A CV summarises your unique academic attainments, professional skills, work experience, features of character, qualities, strengths, potential and study objectives concisely and outlines your profile with clear information and traceable history, all in one place.  A well designed CV will depict a clear pen-picture of your admission eligibility to the admission officer.


Why personalised CV for University admission is important

Students must write unique CV which is different from CV written for other purpose i.e. application for employment. It is a ‘Sales brochure’ where you can sell your candidacy to the admission officer for an offer of place for the course and at the university you are applying. On the CV you can give the answers to questions admission officers would have asked if you were present in person in front of them. Therefore, utilise the opportunity in your advantage by providing an appropriate CV when applying for admission at overseas universities. It is crucial to personalise your CV because:

  • It will give a clear picture about you to university admission officer.
  • Your chance for rejection of offer in absence of clear or enough information will be reduced.
  • It will increase and accelerate your offer of place at universities.


Free tools to write and design personalised CV for University admission

Many students struggle to write University admission CV and even do not know how to write and design it. After extensive research and assessment on what admission officers and universities look to see on the admission CV, Total Student Care (TSC) has developed a simple and unique format for admission CV which will fit all students for all university admission.

Benefits you can get by using these CV building tools are:

  • It is already designed for you, you just need to write the contents.
  • It is designed for all students i.e. foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and research course application for admission.
  • When writing. you will find step-by-step guidelines for all sections.
  • You will need to input information that are applicable to you and your achievements and you can skip the rest.
  • You can build this CV from anywhere by using any computer tools or mobile phone.
  • You can save partially completed CV and come back later to complete it.
  • You will be able to edit and amend the information as many times as you want.
  • You can use the tools to build your CV and download it free of cost.


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