How to apply for admission

Total Student Care (TSC) can maximise your chance for admission at Universities/Colleges by giving you appropriate
professional advice on the process and helping you to submit error-free application
with relevant and required documents. 

Once you communicate your choices of course and institution, we will request for further information and documents
from you as and when required. Normally, to complete your admission process,
you will take the following steps -

6 steps to success (6s2s)

Step 1

Receive consultation

Receive consultation – select course and universities, get guidelines
Step 2

Submit documents

Submit documents, sign application form
Step 3

Submit application

We apply for admission, send follow up emails
Step 4

Get offer

Get offer letter, meet conditions (if any), attend skype interview (if required)
Step 5

Accept offer

Get unconditional offer, accept the offer, pay fees, submit bank statement
Step 6

Get accepted

Receive CAS / letters for visa application
The above steps may vary for different universities and countries

Documents we may require

Academic Documents


Other Documents

Information Required:

You must proactively provide any other relevant information or documents that are not covered above
but you deem it necessary. Documents must be in English.

You must give true information and genuine documents only. You are responsible and must bear any consequence
for any false information and unauthentic/fake/counterfeit/forged documents you provide.

Please note that you give us your consent to use the information and documents you provide for admission and related
purpose. We maintain strict confidentiality and do not share any information and documents with anybody
other than the one that you give those for and legal authority if required.