Bangladesh comes 6th largest nationality for UK student visa

Bangladeshi students saw 423% increases in UK study visa in the year ending March 2022, the highest growth among South Asian countries and second largest among all countries for UK study visa.

UK granted 13,914 student visas to Bangladeshi nationals in the year ending March 2022. The number was only 2,660 in the year ending March 2020; the recent increase of study visa by 423% has made Bangladesh the sixth largest nationality for number of UK student visa granted for all countries.

Earlier, Bangladeshis students saw 410% increases in UK study visa in the year ending September 2021 to 10,090 study visas; it was merely 1,981 in the year ending September 2019.

In the year ending 2021, though Bangladesh was 6th largest country for number of student visa issued by UK, it was No. 1 for largest growth among all countries when compared to year ending 2019.

Top 5 countries with largest growth in sponsor study visa, UK 2021 vs. 2019

No Country Difference 2021 Vs. 2019
1 Bangladesh +389.2%
2 Sri Lanka +310.6%
3 Nigeria +246.9%
4 Pakistan +216.7%
5 India +125.8%

Source: British Council

With the strongest economy among South Asian countries, Bangladesh has seen unprecedented demands for overseas higher education by students in recent years. Thousands of Bangladeshi students go abroad for higher studies each year. UK is one of the top choices by Bangladeshi students for study abroad. UK’s recent declaration of post study work visa, opportunity for students to switch to skilled work visa leading to settlement visa surged its popularity as top abroad study destination among Bangladeshi students.

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