University of Cambridge students vote for all-vegan menus

Students vote for all-vegan menus at University of Cambridge, United Kingdom as part of Plant-Based Universities campaign nationwide.

Students at the University of Cambridge, UK have voted to support a transition to a only vegan menu across the university's catering services.On 20 February the Cambridge students' union voted to hold talks about removing all animal products from its cafes and canteens.

However, the move does not guarantee that Cambridge's catering services will go fully vegan, as that power lies with the university. It also does not apply to the 31 colleges of the university, though the campaign provided "an extremely strong mandate for colleges to begin transitioning to 100% plant-based menus".

The group's motion, which calls for the change in response to "climate and biodiversity crises", was backed by 72% of non-abstaining student representatives who voted after a four-week consultation process. It comes after lobbying from Cambridge's Plant-Based Universities campaign, which is supported by Animal Rebellion.

William Smith, from the Cambridge branch of the Plant-Based Universities campaign, said: "It's great that Cambridge students" union has passed our motion to work with the university to implement a just and sustainable plant-based catering system.

"By removing animal products from its menus, the university could significantly reduce its environmental impact and showcase to the world its commitment to sustainability."

The Plant-Based Universities campaign is a nationwide initiative of students who are pushing for their universities and student unions to adopt fully plant-based catering, and has offshoots at more than 40 institutions.

News source: The Guardian

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