QA introduces worldwide medical certification with international diploma

QA Higher Education has introduced an international medical foundation diploma in the UK, targeted at high school students worldwide in partnership with Northumbria University.

The program, created in collaboration with Northumbria University, serves as a preparatory step for students aspiring to pursue a career in the medical field. According to QA, students will enhance their understanding of biology, chemistry, and mathematics through a blend of theoretical and practical learning methods.


In addition, the program places a strong emphasis on enhancing English language proficiency, encompassing academic vocabulary, writing abilities, and fostering independent language learning.


QA has also partnered with St. George’s University, a Caribbean medical institution, to offer post-program opportunities for students. Under this partnership, students who successfully complete the foundation course and meet the admission criteria may become eligible for admission to SGU’s medical degree pathway.


Those who secure a spot in SGU's program can choose to commence their studies in Granada or at Northumbria University for the initial two years of the program.

Simon Nelson, CEO of QA Higher Education, commented, "The international medical foundation diploma program provides aspiring medical students with a comprehensive pathway to acquire the essential knowledge and skills necessary for success in their medical studies."


"We are committed to delivering top-notch academic preparation to students with the potential to excel in medical school and ultimately become the physicians of the future."

SGU and Northumbria University have established a longstanding partnership, with more than 2,000 students embarking on their educational journey to the UK university as part of SGU's medical degree pathway.


Dr. James Coey, Assistant Dean of Basic Sciences at SGU, stated, "Through our collaboration with QA Higher Education, the next 2,000 students will have the opportunity to benefit from this exceptional educational pathway, shaping the doctors of tomorrow who will have a positive impact on global health."



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