UK border force interrogates international students on their academic programs

The UK Border Force questions international students about their academic studies to ensure compliance with visa requirements.

Dele Olawanle, the owner and principal solicitor of Del & Co. Solicitors in the UK, informed The PIE News that several students have faced detention and deportation to their home countries due to their inability to answer questions related to their chosen courses.


The PIE also interviewed students, including a Chevening Scholar, who felt intimidated and embarrassed after encountering a Border Force official. The official questioned the scholar about why he had received the scholarship.

The Home Office stated that checks on students are, at times, necessary to maintain a safe and secure border.


Olawanle shared his perspective, saying, "I've witnessed students being denied entry... Some UK Border Force agents attempt to position themselves as experts on academic matters they know little about, leading to entry denials. It's unjust."


He explained that students often aren't aware they might face such questions at the border and may not be adequately prepared to answer in-depth queries about their course.


The PIE also spoke with a Chevening scholar, David, who is pursuing an MA at the University of Birmingham.He detailed a harsh encounter with a border officer who questioned him about his course and the reasons behind receiving a Chevening scholarship.

David felt mistreated and singled out during the questioning, leaving him embarrassed and upset by the experience.




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