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MSc Management with Finance

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. While applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

A bachelor degree holder in the business administration from south Asia, I have recently accomplished a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies from the University of Ulster, United Kingdom. While these two qualifications from two different continents are at same academic level, the different learning set up and environment, education system have transformed my knowledge with newer perspectives and better insights. The study has, in fact, driven my academic pursuance with inspiring needs for further qualification at postgraduate level.

When researching on my interests and options, I realized that I could use this opportunity to complement my business area of knowledge with management and finance to accumulate trinity of major business functions and strengthen my academic credentials for competitive edge that could bring me entitlement of maximum employability chances. With so many choices at lots of study places around, The MSc Management with Finance offered at BPP University won my vote of confidence, and I have elected to study this programme over other options.

The course offers distinctive manifesto in its modules. In stage one, the areas of Competitive Intelligence, Markets and Marketing, Leadership and Change Management, Knowledge Management and Information Systems Strategy are a knowledge set that could align me with innovative and concurrent global business trending and meet demands of time and hence adapt with the changing industries. In stage two, the course takes crucial turns to equip with core foundations of management by digging deep into the insights of Accounting and Decision Making, Enterprise Risk Management, Operations Management and Service Excellence areas that are vital to excel in management of any industry. While management knowledge get cemented in the first two stages, the course bring along finance blocks of modules including Financing Entrepreneurial Initiatives, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Academic and Career Skills Project at the third stage to provide all-round academic strength in the interrelated domains of business – management and finance.

I understand BPP University, after consultation with professionals in commerce and industries, has designed this course to enable students to gain a better understanding of management and the role finance issues have to play. As per the aim of the syllabus, the study would enable me to successfully support a finance related business in a management role within an organisation upon completion of the programme. It could give me an opportunity to expand on my undergraduate skills and enable me to gain knowledge and skills relevant to a global knowledge economy. I will learn to appreciate the integrated nature of business, management and finance study, and to relate both hard and soft issues to decision making; to emphasise the international nature of finance in business and management study; to add value so as to make my employment prospects better.

Due to the practical nature of the learning aims and teaching approach at the university, I will gain efficiency to apply theories to the practice of business, management and finance to develop ability to apply knowledge and understanding to complex issues. The study would promote my academic standing to higher level and provide me the mastery in the role of management for business and finance in particular. I can take leads from my previous and current study areas in business, finance, management at undergraduate levels and gain premier strategic skills by combining and complementing those with this MSc study - the formation and integration would surely enhance my present knowledge and skills and lift my levels to upper points. I can see a clear line of upward progressions in academic depth and bigger qualification that could bring a big change in my future success.

The university has carefully crafted this programme of study to reflect best practices in both academic thinking and the workplace. The modules have been devised and developed to communicate advanced management theories and to divulge the practical application of well known, tried and tested, management models and frameworks with continuous professional development ethos. These have been strengthened further with the unique, one and only, life-skills module – Academic and Career Skills (ACS). This module can bring about razor-sharp distinction in my skills and hence employment opportunities. The skills, attributes and knowledge this ACS module covers including self-management, team working, problem solving, application to IT, communication, application to numeracy, business and customer awareness are directed to develop formalized academic development and maximize chances for privileged employment. The career ready certificate and the potential work experience opportunity for 6 months would be unique selling points in my CV and could turn the page of my career with fortune. The additional postgraduate diploma qualification under the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) would add further value to my portfolio of competencies.

On completion of this premier qualification, I plan to start my career in the growing banking and financial sector or in the telecommunication industry that has brought immense possibilities or the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) that connects my home country Bangladesh with the global world. I am confident with qualification and skills, I could have a positive start of career in finance officer, operation manager, business development executive, business or financial analyst and many other positions. And I would be able to develop the career to higher position i.e. finance manager or director, managing director, director of operations and so on.

BPP University is different from traditional universities; the university does not focus on academic knowledge only, but translate those to professional skills and competencies, BPP Professional Education is one of Europe’s leading specialist providers of professional education, it is the UK’s only university solely dedicated to business and the professions. At BPP professional teachers teaches students to be professionals on graduation and be prepared for professional career, The University offers strong commercial approach within a business culture designed to help students stand out in the workplace after they graduate. This is what I expect to achieve from a course of study from a world-class university and I have singled out BPP University to be the one.