MBA in IT Management

21 May, 2015


MBA in IT Management

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I have chosen to study the MBA (Information Technology Management) programme under the University of Bedfordshire because this programme is designed to help students meet the challenges that managers are facing in the global business environment in the IT industry- this would be an ideal opportunity to enhance my academic knowledge, develop professional experience and prepare for career progressions.

From extensive research on the course, syllabus, contents and learning outcomes, I have discovered the course combines core MBA modules including marketing, operations management and strategy, with innovative subject areas such as entrepreneurship and creativity and innovation to understand the big picture of business life, underpinning career success in strategic management and leadership. This is where my strengths are and this is what I am interested to gain from the UK University.

This MBA at the University of Bedfordshire focuses on the needs of busy and ambitious business people who want to learn how to apply the latest thinking relating to organisational development and change in the knowledge economy. It is a globally recognised programme that encapsulates the educational requirements of senior and executive level management. The programme is a practical management guide as well as a passport to enhanced professional effectiveness. The programme is designed to support careers by developing strategic and decision-making capabilities and giving the underpinning knowledge necessary for leadership roles. The programme prepares for the realities of global business and management. It does so through a rigorous and inspiring blend of theory and practice to develop ability to think critically -tackle global, social problems through the integration of business and science. The programme helps to identify individual strengths and areas for development in terms of both leadership skills and wider professional effectiveness.

I take the opportunity to mention that I have around 6 year work experience in Innodata Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, one of the top branded company with international presence. At present, I am having the authority of Team Manager.

I joined the company as a Production Associate and subsequently rewarded promotions as Team Assistant and later as Cluster Coordinator by virtue of my efficiency, leadership, skills and contributions to the company’s growth.  I was one of the team members of the best team in 2008 and became the best performer in 2010. Under my management teams started generating revenue closer to $700+ per head per month.

I am the only Team Manager who is responsible for the company’s Galle Facility and administratively, technically and operationally leading teams of 20 heads and leading a team of 100 plus Production Associates on my own under the direct supervision of the Project Manager.

I am also responsible for the total Profit and Loss of my business assignments and liaising with other stakeholders at various levels of the organisation. I undertake resource planning and allocation, setting up processes, coordination with local and overseas Innodata facilities and clients.

At this stage of my career, I believe, further academic qualification will enhance and develop my current knowledge and skills. From the MBA, I aim to understand and apply the core subjects of management in an international context, acquire specific expertise in a range of subjects that will broaden the scope of my learning in international management, increase my ability to think strategically and understand the essentials of business and organisations in order to manage change more effectively in the global business environment, through the Business Research Project, to develop the ability to undertake independent business analysis and to frame solutions to complex business problems and improve my skills of self-discipline, reflection, analysis, communication, and leadership.

Since the MBA is recognised as the benchmark professional qualification in management. This rigorous and career-oriented MBA programme, once qualified will give the message to my employer that I can think strategically and beyond my immediate role. These programmes will undoubtedly help me gain a competitive edge and drive my career forward and will prepare me for a senior management career through the development of enhanced personal and interpersonal skills.

My recently completed Advanced Diploma in Business Management under the prestigious National Institute of Business Management followed by my Diploma in Computer Systems under the same institution along with my 6 years work experience in the IT sector in management position have facilitated to accomplish excellent knowledge and skills in both and I have developed an understanding of the interdependence and relation between IT and Management for successful business. These will complement the MBA (IT Management) study hugely – I will be able bring in these knowledge to enrich my learning at Beds and make the study interesting and successful. Once completed, I will have achieved the premier Degree of MBA which will earn me progressions not only academically but also professionally since my knowledge and skills would be enhanced with advanced levels. This would be an outstanding achievement to turn the brighter pages of my life and career. 

I have chosen University of Bedfordshire to study this programme because this is a dynamic, modern university with a growing reputation for teaching quality, leading-edge-research and learning resources. The university represents students from 100+ countries and has recently invested GBP 180m in facilities. The university is abundantly resourceful with cutting edge classrooms - the multicultural environment with diverse student population is a true environment for education and learning.

The University provides distinctive learning supports including interactive lectures, written case studies, individual and group exercises, both face-to-face and online, presentations by visiting experts, engagement with a range of professional and academic materials, management skills sessions, including presentations, board room discussions and simulations. This total learning academic environment will bring out the best out of me and I will have the opportunity to develop my potential to the full with confidence and interests. I believe, it would be a rewarding and pleasing experience to study at the University for this Life Changing Qualification which could be the turning point of my life success.

Studying in a country that is unfamiliar and unlike home country is a daunting prospect. The UK is an excellent choice because unlike the dangers that are present in some other countries Britain has extremely safe Universities campuses set in quiet and friendly communities in some of Britain’s most peaceful locations. The UK is a land of cultural and geographical diversities. It`s a society that is still absorbing immigrants, making it a very dynamic place to live and study as compare to USA, Canada and Australia. Studying in the UK will be a great experience as I will be able to share my knowledge with best brains and interact with communities from different sections of the society within campus. My long-term career prospects will be enhanced and the experience will develop my self-confidence, independence, and cross-cultural skills, which are sought after by employees world-wide.

Living and studying in the UK means total immersion in the English language, which will improve fluency and overall language skills. The UK is a safe and secure environment for student to flourish. Academic freedom is one of the hallmarks of UK university compare to the US, Canada and Australia. Higher education system has variety of subjects in every area of study. Being at the forefront of technology and educational techniques, UK universities facilitate their students with the best possible equipment and resources. 

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