MBA International

22 May, 2015


MBA International

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

The world is changing, and so are organisations, businesses, employers’ demands and career choices. Career switches as part of career developments are now frequent to adjust and adapt with the current trends to input newer skills and knowledge and hence find establishment in life with prestige and riches.

For me, I have gone through bountiful and varied academic experiences and careers with colours and challenges. After completing my Bachelor and Master in Physics, I have studied Bachelor of Education – I needed this extra qualification for the teaching profession with which I started my career as an Assistant Teacher in ICMH School.

But I was always in hunt of developing my career and progress towards higher achievements. By dint of my excellent academic knowledge and skills in teaching, I progressed to become a Lecturer in the Department of Science in America Bangladesh University, Bangladesh. I have been enjoying this role and responsibilities since I joined the institute.

As I indicated earlier that I always aim for higher and newer opportunities, I intend to achieve further knowledge and skills to see myself on top my career. With the current dimension in education fields, I strive to be in the education management and strive to be in the management role rather finishing my career as a teacher. With this vision in mind, I have decided to study MBA programme which can give me the edge and skills to prepare myself academically and professionally. I have chosen the Anglia Ruskin University MBA International programme since the programme’s learning outcomes are knowledge and skills I aim to achieve.

This course provides a solid grounding in fundamental business concepts, ideas, practices and methodologies and offers students the opportunity to follow a broad business pathway as well as focusing on specialists areas such as Leadership, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management or Finance. 

As learning outcome, on completion, I aim to gain knowledge and skills on the Functional areas of business, e.g. marketing, finance, personnel, management; Information Systems; Problem Solving in a Business Context; The opportunity to gain knowledge and skills directly relevant to future employment; A focus on independent learning and practical knowledge and skills.

The course will develop my understanding of successful business strategy and effective project management and I will study the influence that global and national macroeconomic trends have on a company.

I will gain strong foundation for international business research and the core analytical skill required by business professionals to maximise the value of information. I will develop the skill to understand business information requirements, the veracity and validity of different sources of a variety of information sources.

I will acquire skills and economic concepts that can be allied in solving managerial problems in business. It considers how global markets work, highlighting the forces of demand and supply together with their impact on world prices and output. Consumer behaviour is analysed in some depth, together with the relevance of marketing and advertising strategies.

I will have a sound knowledge and appreciation of the various ways in which business law can impact on organisations and you will be equipped with the technical skills to manage this influence; understand to recognise the role played by Human Resource Management in the effectiveness of the organistion nationally, internationally and globally;  develop an understanding of financial and management accounting in an international and strategic context - the context in which accounting rules have evolved in order to meet the needs of globalisation of both organisations and financial markets.

I will also learn to reconcile an organisation’s resources with international market needs by determining the right priority of the five competitive factors: cost; quality; speed; dependability factors, project management, and theory of project management into a business context and integrated the practical tools and techniques required managing projects successfully;  acquire knowledge on how global and national macroeconomics trends influence almost every component of a company’s business strategy.

I will be able to investigate strategy within an international context; and explore the impact of globalisation on contemporary organisations, evaluates how managers should respond to different national cultures and assess the pros and cons of a variety of international market entry options; I will have opportunities to Focus on the rise of ‘globalisation’ in the marketing arena. The rise in cross – border consumer power is analysed in terms of its implication on the marketing strategies developed by companies. I will learn leadership as an element in decision – making, problem solving and change management with specific reference to experimenting and developing practical leadership skills in different contexts, coping with conflict, power and organisational politics, the morality of leadership and the ethical dimension in the exercise of power.

 At the end of their MBA, I will undertake the Major Project (Integrated Case Study) which represents the pinnacle of the MBA. This will improve my ability of critical thinking and provide an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to challenge and question the issues in relation to business and management. It will also give me the depth of knowledge which may involve working at the current limits of theoretical practitioner and/ or research understanding.

I have chosen the UK to study this qualification because traditionally UK qualifications are respected among employers worldwide. UK qualifications are top brand qualifications for its academic excellence for years. When looking for work in the future, this can be a great selling point in my favour.  Moreover, the UK is known for having a multicultural society with all religions and faiths represented in some way. With a racial, ethnic and religious jumble, the UK is very open to new traditions and cultures - something that is a great thing for students from other countries and this has accelerated my choice of country for my higher education further.

In Bangladesh, we do not have many standard tuition providers for this programme, neither do we have enough qualified tutors. So, it is sometime waste of time, efforts and money to do this. Moreover, the political chaos and session jam make it difficult to complete the course on time with peace of mind – it often causes study gaps and affects academic progress. Additionally, MBA under UK University comparing it from a university in Bangladesh make huge difference in knowledge, skills and hence getting into competitive job market.

The College, London College of Accountancy (LCA) has intimate relationship with the Anglia Ruskin University – they have been teaching this university programme over a decade successfully. Because of their huge success in programme delivery, they have become the London Campus of the university.

Since LCA teach only few subjects of the university and do not offer their own course or any other university’s course, they are focused in these subjects only and gained speciality – because of this, they regularly go beyond expectations in terms of teaching. This essentially means I will have better tuition and student service in homely environment, and one-to-one care.

Additionally, the tuition fee is low over the period of the course; and it is an excellent investment towards my future. The College is a highly trusted sponsor – this is trade mark of good standing by the UKBA. The college has a longstanding and productive relationship with Anglia Ruskin University and the famous Lord Ashcroft International Business School. The courses meet the Government’s vision at a much more pluralistic, varied provision of higher education – in fact, it has won the prestigious Queen’s Award several time for its excellence in higher education.

The location is very convenient to commute to other parts of the wonderful city of London through its underground and bus network. I will have the opportunity to be associated with London's everyday life - to experience the diversity of its culture, history and heritage.

The college offers help with a range of issues that can impact on my student life whilst I study. The tutors offer workshops and one-to-one sessions to support and develop study skills. The college also offer special help in personal development. The student support service can help me maximise employment opportunities, and assist in planning my career, writing your CV and learning effective interview techniques. The college has its own well-resourced massive library facility where text books, journals and other reference materials are available. The whole institution is fully equipped with internet facilities and I will be able to browse for any relevant study materials online.

In fact, the college is up to my satisfaction in terms of study and other facilities and resources. I think, it would be a pleasing and rewarding experience to study at this college.

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