Personal statement - MSc International Management

07 July, 2022


Personal statement - MSc International Management

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

I am keen to pursue MSc International Management at University of Brighton. By researching the course curriculum available at university website, I become to know that this course helps students to develop the global business knowledge which will help me to achieve my future career goal. Moreover, I believe getting a chance to pursue my study career in thisUniversity will progress me both professionally and intellectually. Besides the opportunity to apply my theories and ideas in practice will benefit me to enhance my skills and to achieve a deeper understanding of the field of InternationalManagement.

According to my research I have found that this course will be the perfect opportunity for me to continue to hone my communication and management skills, empowering me to be a more powerful and confident leader. Through hands-on exercises and projects designed to closely mimic those that I will encounter in my future career, this program will provide me with the accurate training and preparations I need to handle such tough challenges in the future. I believe this MSc will provide me with the knowledge of business concepts as well as the understanding of the matters that I will need to become a successful business professional. Intuition alone is not good enough to run a business. I believe that a strong business education is very crucial to successful business management in this Modern age, for this reason I hope to be able to acquire an MSc International Management. Moreover, my previous academic qualifications will give me an upper hand to obtain better score in this course. If I can successfully complete the course, it will create a platform for me to explore different career opportunities such as Policy advisor or analyst, Management analyst, public relations (PR) account executive and Compliance officer. For this reason, this MSc International Management will be the right choice for my future career progression.

Following my SSC and HSC I studied Bachelor of Business Studies from National University, Gazipur, Bangladesh in May 2012. Then I studied Master of Business Administration in HRM from Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh in September 2014. Later on, I started my working career as a HR officer at Nassa Group in December 2014. I am still working with this company, and it was really a fascinating experience for me to work with them. My work experiences have led me to identify all my potentials including my strengths and weaknesses. I have also come to understand the need to be well equipped with the knowledge in the field of business. For this reason, I have decided to continue my further study with this course at University of Brighton.As I have gained a lot of experiences it will be easier for me secure a suitable position in if I have this degree.

University of Brighton offers International Leadership and Management, International Logistics and Finance, Sustainable Strategic Management, Managing Organisational Behaviour, Marketing in an International Context, Research Methods for master’s degrees and Management Integration OR Work Experience. Moreover, I will also have an opportunity to study some of the optional modules which include Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning, Consultancy or Business Solutions in Action. All the modules are highly demanding and suitable in today’s business world.

I am determined to continue my study in this course in the UK as the study environment in my country is quite different and we get to study with only the national students. Furthermore, the political chaos makes it harder for students to get the degree without any delay. On the other hand, the UK has a great multicultural and diversified student community which is an opportunity for me to learn with lot of students from different nationalities. UK education brand is highly respected by employers in our country as UK degree prepare graduates with academic competencies, developed personal and professional skills that are imperative for organizational success. The transferrable skills graduates carry forward from UK are pivotal for transforming organisational growth and gain competitive advantages. This is also a reason to study again in UK. In a recent Survey of International Graduate Outcomes 2019 by Universities UK International produced by iGraduate shows that 82% international graduates say that their UK degree are worth the financial investment and similar number of graduates say they are satisfied or very satisfied with their careers. Nearly 83% feel that UK degree has helped them to get jobs. These aspects have driven my ambition to gain the degree from a UK institution.

The University of Brighton is a public university dependent on four campuses in Brighton and Eastbourne on the south shoreline of England. Brighton University is known all through the world as a result of its great courses and dedication to instruction quality and execution. It has a boundless number of excellent mentors where I can arrive at the equivalent precise top-quality training. Moreover, The University of Brighton is ranked as a top 5 university for world-leading research impact in business and management studies (REF 2014). I can discover my desired course I need in this University. University of Brighton is one of the first UK universities which use Job Teaser, a new online placements system presenting placement options in the UK and Europe, which gathers together all the job opportunities, events and resources I will need to help me with my professional development. Also, I found one more unique feature which is Bee purple event that run throughout the academic year which that will improve my employability and help me grow a successful business. I will look no further if I get this opportunity to study at University of Brighton.

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