PGD Strategic Leadership and Executive Management Programme

21 May, 2015


PGD Strategic Leadership and Executive Management Programme

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I intend to follow the Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Executive Management programme at the Westminster Kingsway College (WKC) which is in the forefront in providing this life-skill course.

The programme has been designed on a combination of executive coaching and work based learning – this allow learners to define a set of objectives designed to have a real impact on their workplace and develop these into a work-based learning project.

Unlike my current qualification MBA which has provided me with generic theoretical knowledge in business administration and management knowledge at operation level, this PGD that incorporates work placement as part of its learning, will provide me advanced skills and efficiency along with vocational knowledge that most of the employers look for. The qualification will enhance my competency and award me progressions of skills that would be beneficial for my career advancements.

From the study, I will learn how to create a clear global business strategy for organization, develop business growth strategies to align with that vision, and execute those international strategies to achieve desired goals. The course, in fact, provides complete the guidance to transform international business strategy and vision into a compelling story that inspires organization to deliver powerful, measurable results. The tuition is delivered to help to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the knowledge and skills required to deliver results for graduates and their employers, customers and other key stakeholders.  These are the key characteristics of strategic leaders in the capacity of executive managers.

Vigilant leaders scan the periphery to identify threats and pursue opportunities, making decisions in advance of their competitors. The study of this PGD program will hone my strategic leadership capabilities, providing me with the tools to recognize and stay ahead of the economic forces shaping the global business landscape. I will be able to build my visionary capacity, advance your strategic agility and become well-versed in multinational execution, catapulting me ahead in my profession. I will, in particular, increase my capacity to formulate and execute global strategy, acquire new ways to inspire peers and subordinates in my organization, build capabilities for leading and serving customers across national and international boundaries, generate counter-intuitive ideas around changing geopolitical realities, engage in best-case/worst-case scenario planning to map out future situations that could affect my industry or organization, construct and communicate your own vision in a way that will be both authentic and engaging.

In my previous qualifications, I studied leadership and change management, corporate management, leadership and organisational behaviour, strategy & change management, project management subjects – these subjects have similarities with few modules of this PGD and hence will complement the knowledge. I can extend the knowledge further from the related modules and the other modules will give me opportunities to explore in newer horizons. I cannot emphasis enough the attainments I am going to achieve from the study.

I have chosen the Westminster Kingsway College because it is one of the largest colleges in London with Centres in the heart of the capital. The college recognise the challenges that students face today to get into career market and the demands of the contemporary employers. The college possess the matrix quality standard for information advice and guidance services; a national quality standard for the effective delivery of information, advice and guidance on learning and work.

The college is a large one with industry-standard equipment and modern facilities including a good selection of up-to-date books, e-learning tools and other resources, as well as computers with internet access.

The college also provide learner consultants and career advisors who advise on career pathways, finding suitable works including writing CV and interview techniques. The tutors are industry experienced – they provide not only the academic tuition but help to develop functional skills along with soft skills that facilitate students to develop professionalism. I cannot think of any other course or college to take my higher study to the next level.


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