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22 May, 2021

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How studying in the UK can benefit Bangladeshi Students

Why study in the UK from Bangladesh? Bangladeshi students can achieve great benefits from higher studies in the UK and stand out from the crowd.

When searching for top higher study destinations overseas, it is easy to see the decisive reasons for why study in the UK – but Bangladeshi Students should look at it from personal perspectives of how studying in the UK can benefit them i.e. they should comprehend which benefits are related and relevant for them.


11 benefits for Bangladesh students studying the UK


Attaining global and modern education

In Bangladesh, most of the educational institutions follow traditional old system tuition and examination assessments are memory based; often curriculum are not updated with latest developments. UK education is modern & global-oriented; designed and adjusted with the most recent tools, theories, models and discoveries. Tuition in the UK is practice-based through seminars, group works, presentations & major parts of assessments are course work and project based. By studying in the UK, Bangladeshi students can take the benefits of this education that is related, relevant and demanding in the globalised world.


Gaining internationally recognised qualifications

The UK is one of the most sought after countries for higher studies because the UK Degrees are recognized and respected all over the world – UK education quality is internationally benchmarked and respected globally. In fact, the UK is a global leader in international education - 4 of the top 6 universities in the world are in the UK (World Rankings, QS). Sadly, there is no Bangladeshi educational institution in the first 2000 World Ranking universities – quality of qualifications are not internationally assured and globally recognised.


Achieving education to become ‘career-ready’

UK universities design most of the courses in partnership with businesses & commerce and hire industry professionals as tutors, visiting lecturers, consultants in career workshops to prepare students for practical world of employment. Some universities simulate real-world work environment even in the class-room so that students can practice future career roles while undertaking degrees. Some courses are designed with work-placement and internship to provide students with ‘on-the-job’ practical experience. It is very rare to find this attributes at universities in Bangladesh and the courses they offer. Therefore, studying in the UK, can give Bangladeshi students ‘competitive edge’ over others when searching for employment.


Obtaining self and professional Development

The teaching style in the UK helps students to develop personally with creativity, innovation, motivation, confidence, persuasion, interpersonal, communications and leadership skills & professionally with soft skills, analytical, critical appreciation, decision making, research & cognitive skills. These transferrable skills add excellent value to academic qualifications and personal profile. Bangladeshi students can take these invaluable life skills with them to their home country and benefit everybody.


Acquiring degree quickly & grabbing jobs swiftly

Higher education courses in the UK are generally shorter than those in Bangladesh & other countries – duration for full-time bachelor's degrees is typically 3 years, and full-time master's degrees is just one year & PhD is 3 years. This saves you money on annual fees and valuable time from your career life - it means you can graduate and start earning sooner. Almost all universities in Bangladesh have session jams due to closures during term time and examinations generally caused by political and social unrests – this often results in taking extra years to complete courses. Hence, the career opening gets delayed, career span gets shortened.


Improving efficiency in the language of Business & international communication

In Bangladesh, teaching is provided in Bengali (Mother tongue) mostly apart from very few exceptions. Besides, student population is made of Bangladeshi native students in local environment. Outside student life, daily life is conducted in Bengali. In the UK, tuition is provided in English which is the language of business & international communication – outside class and campus, communication is in English. Both student population & local population are made of people from all over the world. While improving efficiency in English language, Bangladeshi students can learn living life in international community.


Earning while learning

Students who are studying degree level courses at UK universities are eligible to work 20 hours during term-time – at vacations; they are allowed to work full-time. Student jobs are readily available in all UK university cities.  Also there are opportunities for paid work placement and internships. These give options to students for learning & earning pocket money and satisfy spending in hobbies & interests. In contrast, when studying in Bangladesh student jobs are very limited and students normally spend & do not have scopes to earn when in education.


Getting return on investment from post study work

From 01 July 2021, students will be entitled to 2/3 years Post Study Work (PSW) visa once they complete their degrees. During PSW visa, they will be able to work full time and earn the money back they invested in UK higher education. It would be also a great opportunity to gain work experience from international organisations and this could lead to Tier 2 work visa with potential employers in the UK. The transferrable skills students will accomplish would be great take away to Bangladesh to add further value to the benefits in addition to the UK degree. 


Learning great etiquette & discourses

Higher education in the UK comes with learning great virtues that are trademarks of the country - queuing up, saying ‘hello’, ‘sorry’, and ‘thank you’ are part of daily life. People are very punctual, hard-working, self-dependant & law-abiding – they do not break traffic law, throw dust other than in bins, reach office late or take bribes.  The multicultural, diverse, tolerant and stable social environment of UK is a great place to learn & practice diversity and equal opportunity. Political tolerance and practices by parties in the UK are second to none in the world. Bangladeshi students can learn these great virtues, take them home and practice these in their life to benefit self, country and society.


Getting connected and international exposures

UK have given birth and nurtured world famous personality in politics, legal profession, arts, literature, journalism, music, sports, medicine, engineering, physics – almost in anything and everything. 38% noble prize winners were overseas students and chose to study in the UK. You can be part of this too, part of great alumni – who knows that your classmate sitting next to you will not be next Prime Minister of his country. You can walk around world’s top brand business; go to the stadium to watch world’s top number players in football, cricket, tennis, snooker, rugby etc. every now and then. You can go to the outstanding see beaches, museums, castles – everywhere you go, you will get connected and exposed to the international arena. This platform can give Bangladeshi students fast hand first world’s vision and transform their life significantly.


Creating great job opportunities in home country

UK degrees are highly respected by employers in Bangladesh. A degree from the UK alongside work experience would boost students’ career prospects almost with certainty while most of the home country graduates struggle to find decent jobs years after graduation. Besides, a UK graduate will be offered a higher job position, a bigger salary package and quicker promotion as they will have competitive advantages over others. Students can also look forward to entering international career market overseas outside Bangladesh


UK is one of the top 3 higher education destinations for international students. The UK brand of education is world-recognised. Bangladeshi students take the advantage of gaining this opportunity and overcome the difficulties they experience in university admission war in the country’s educational institutions that does not offer degrees to elevate future prospects.


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