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25 July, 2023

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Why studying in the UK is better than studying in Nigeria?

International students from Nigeria outstretched 83% hike to opt for a study visa in the UK.The variegated sources of learning, placement opportunities, advanced lifestyle, various possibilities uphold Nigerian students as the 3rd highest nationality opting to study in the UK.

The United Kingdom is a hub of world-class knowledge and rich cultural heritage through the ages. World's most prestigious universities date back to their origins in the UK during the 12th and 13th centuries. Witnessing that rich tradition, the universities of the UK offer some significant benefits of world-class education, a lavish lifestyle, various job opportunities, and so on. This article will pinpoint some top-rated reasons that enable Nigerians, as well as other international students, to choose to study in the UK for their higher studies.


Quality education in world-class universities

The UK is home to some globally eminent universities of excellent academic standards. These universities have been the center of attraction for overseas students for ages.These universities nurture rich heritage and path-breaking contributions to the history of the human race. Quality education encourages analytical thinking and instills a creative zeal in your field of interest.

The Quality of education is ensured by the QAA (QUALITY ASSURANCE AGENCY). The universities in the UK are centrally controlled by the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). Frequent audits ensure the best quality educational practices, attributing to the best possible learning, research, teaching and technical support. For an Indian student, being a part of this highly globalized system can be a lifetime experience.

On the contrary, universities in Nigeria often encounter a lack of infrastructure, funding or strike-related hazards, which disrupt the expected learning outcomes. All these aspects enable them to study in the UK from Nigeria.


Bright career opportunities

Upon completion of studies in the UK, a wide scope for securing high-paying jobs in various sectors viz. business management,marketing, engineering and technology, architecture, building and planning, project management, media, data science,biological science, computer science becomes a compelling reason for students to study in the UK. In comparison to other European countries, the UK maintains a moderation of education fees except for the big cities. Nevertheless, the worldwide accreditation that the degree offers along with the high-paying jobs appears to be the biggest reason for studying in the UK from Nigeria or any other corner of the globe.


Post-study work visa

The UK launches the New Graduate Route Visa for international students which is a post-study work visa. It offers students an opportunity to work in the UK even after the completion of their studies. Hence, this protocol intensifies the propensity of getting a degree from the UK and thereafter staying in the country for a career. Needless to say for Nigerians, this is a golden opportunity to experience life in the UK.

The work visa is mainly issued for two years to those international students who have accomplished their master’s or bachelor’s degree whereas the PhD graduates can obtain a post-study work visa for three years. Hence, the students may procure a flexible tenure to gather job experience or undertake an internship in the UK.


Grants and scholarships

For overseas students, options such as international sources of funding, education loans or exchange programs are offered to meet the financial criteria. In the case of post-graduation, funding can be arranged through myriad scholarships and bursaries which can be availed by ample organisations such as universities, charities, private companies and the government as well. PhD studentships, Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA), Disadvantaged bursaries, and Academic excellence scholarships?are some ways to have funding for your study.


Work while studying

An additional bonus is that Students can engage in part-time jobs for twenty hours weekly while pursuing their degree at the university. Students can also work full-time during the holidays and breaks which aid to manage expenses while studying in the UK. Another positive side is that it also fosters the necessary experience for a future professional career.


Cultural diversity

The universities of the UK serve a healthy inclusiveness in cultural diversity that welcome students from every corner of the world with different ethnicities. It provides Nigerian students with an opportunity to participate with enthusiasm in the cultural strata of the UK. The Nigerian community interacts with their peers from various ethnicities, by exchanging and contributing to art, music, dance, community engagement, cuisines, academic research and other discourses. Nigerian students often prepare their traditional cuisine for their British peers. This cross-cultural interaction enhances the chance of understanding multicultural customs and belief systems, experiencing oneness in diversity, tolerance, cultural assimilation and a fresh perspective. The insights and intelligence of Nigerian students in various fields of study, including social sciences, humanities, sciences, and technology, enrich the intellectual vista of UK universities. Students across the globe collectively celebrate festivals of all cultures, with pomp and show which extends the scope for global networking among the students.


Shorter duration of courses

The UK offers courses short and intense without compromising academic quality. A graduate programme may be completed within just a year, as opposed to the three years course most of the countries offer. This not only saves you time but also a significant sum that can be spent on tuition and living expenses.


Better infrastructure

The infrastructural benefits of Studying in the UK make the country more desirable for overseas students. Most of the universities of the UK acquire top-notch facilities having prolific professors, libraries, research labs, and sports facilities. The Research Excellence Framework mentions statistically that 30% of research in UK institutions is “world-leading” and 46% is “internationally good” (REF). UK universities share a welcoming attitude with all international student communities providing them with quality education, other necessary facilities like accommodation or financial services, and vehicles during their stay in the UK. All these aspects create a feel-at-home environment for the students and help them to fit in. In comparison to Nigerian universities with limited support services, UK university life is amazing.


Inexpensive cost of living

The UK encompasses a comparatively affordable cost of living for international students. The approximate living expense per month sums up below:

However, the living expenses may vary as one can decide to spend more or less. A student can support himself with part-time employment. That’s why Studying in the UK from Nigeria is always a better choice in terms of education.


Enthusiastic student community

UK universities are widely asserted for having a proactive and enthusiastic student community, providing bonding opportunities with cross-culture. The international students are offered orientation, pre-arrival support, welfare support, academic support, and assistance for career development. These varied scopes foster international students to play a passionate role in cultural and social activities for welfare programmes according to their choice. These social and cultural engagements create a vent of bonding with other communities and also enable them to broaden their vision and experience.


Support system

If you face any difficulty to fit into life in the UK, or any academic challenge, you can always seek help from your advisors, lecturers or the student fraternity which is very supportive and proactive to help you always. Apart from this, you can get in touch with some organisations who can give you pre- and post-arrival support and also you can get a membership of organisations such as The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) which gives all sorts of guidance and advice to the international students.


Health and safety measures

Being an international student, you can protect yourself with high-quality safety measures. If you are willing to attach yourself under the NHS, a charge is supposed to be paid at the time of your visa application. It's very likely for overseas students to suffer from freshers' flu which most newcomers experience owing to insomnia, transformations in diet and nervousness and interacting with a whole new crowd within a specific time.

Nigeria encounters prominent health and safety hazards with widespread menacing issues such as scarcity of drinking water, which can impede the overall growth of students in Nigeria. From these aspects studying in the UK from Nigeria is an excellent choice for a student in terms of career, education and holistic well-being.


Overall, these aspects can be beneficial for students aspiring to study in the UK from Nigeria. With the right planning, you can make yourself accustomed to a set of new rules and regulations in the UK to shine in a positive and worthwhile manner in the future.

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