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11 August, 2023

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What is the cost of studying in the UK from Nigeria?

Statistics divulged that 65,929 Nigerian students received sponsored student visas in the UK in 2022, emerging as the 3rd largest nationality seeking admission to the United Kingdom. The article highlights a telling description of the financial assessments that one must plan to study in the UK.

A plethora of possibilities in terms of lifestyle and career are divulged to an international student while studying in the UK. A set of proper preparation and planning are prominent prerequisites to landing in the UK. The UK owes its rich academic heritage to the world's most prestigious universities since the 12th century. The UK is a dream destination for international students for its great educational and professional offerings, with innovative infrastructures and world-class facilities. Likewise in most Asian countries, Nigerian students have been increasing in UK universities by leaps and bounds in the last few years, popping up as the 3rd largest nationality obtaining the UK student visa in 2023.

Nevertheless, studying in the UK can prove to be a pricey affair, well-structured financial planning can create a corridor for Nigerian students to fulfill their desire to study in the UK. Students must consider expenses for tuition fees, accommodation, food, health, utility expenses, and travel costs with other expenses while making an estimate. Here is the tentative cost analysis which could be helpful for Nigerian students to prepare themselves.


Tuition Fees


While planning to study abroad a Nigerian student needs to focus on the tuition fee. Tuition fees may alter depending on the university, course, and tenure of the course, mode and type of education. The location of the university whether it is located in London or outside London has an utmost priority in determining the fee structure.

Studying in the UK unfolds a multitude of courses for a Nigerian student such as Business Studies, Law, MBA, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Medicine and Dentistry, Engineering, Data Science, Arts, Humanities and so on. Every course incorporates a different fee structure. Most often courses in Education and Art involve a moderate cost compared to Medicine, Engineering or Artificial Intelligence. The postgraduate or Ph.D. courses naturally comprise a higher remuneration. However, a Nigerian student can apply for a scholarship or bursaries to pacify the financial strain. Most UK universities present several scholarships based on merit and requirements.

The following table shows the tentative tuition fee a Nigerian student may require to pay to study in the UK. The fee structure is a matter of change for various courses at different universities. The rough assessment is projected through the breakdown of tentative remunerations for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degrees.


Courses Average Cost GBP Average Cost (Nigerian Naira)
Foundation Courses (Full Fees) 10000 to 15000 5626990 to 8440480
Undergraduate courses (per year) 11000 to 15000 6189690 to 8440480
Postgraduate courses (Full fees) 11000 to 16000 6189690 to 9003180
Doctorate courses (per year) 14000 to 16000 7877780 to 9003180


Cost of Accommodation

Another indispensable need for an international student is to look for accommodation. A multitude of vivid options are available for staying in the UK. However, it requires dexterous research to understand what is best fit for your requirements. A Nigerian student can avail following options for comfortable accommodation.


  • University Allotted Accommodation - In most cases, first-year students decide to stay in the university-allotted accommodation which a student needs to apply for with a prior payment. These self-catered residences are known as the Halls of Residence. It offers an opportunity to be in the zone of studying and making new friends. There are a few campuses that also offer shared flats and houses for international students.

  • Private Houses or Flats - Privately rented houses or off-campus accommodations are feasible options that you can share with your friends or the people you prefer. Although they're more popular with mature or postgraduate students, upon your arrival, the university usually provides you with a temporary guest room for a few days till you find a permanent residence to settle down.

    The average cost for accommodation for Nigerian students in the UK is 400 to 500 GBP a month which is nearly 225079 to 281349 Nigerian Naira. The expenses may considerably vary for a student as one opts for a lavish living for the same.


Required Charges for Visa and IHS (International Health Surcharge)


Studying in the UK from Nigeria includes a necessary charge to apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa and IHS per year. The visa application fees calculator & and IHS fees calculator enable you to know the estimated charges. The below breakdown calls for an approximate cost that a Nigerian student ought to pay yearly to ensure a sound stay in the UK.


Details Cost GBP Cost (Nigerian Naira)
Student Visa Application (one-off) 348 195819
IHS (per year) 470 264468


Charges at TLScontact Visa Application Centre


As soon as a Nigerian student submits the visa application online paying the student visa application fee and IHS fee, one will then be directed to get an appointment with TLScontact by creating an account. The appointment can be fixed in three different locations in Nigeria namely Abuja Visa Application Centre, Lagos Ikeja Visa Application Centre and Lagos Victoria Island Visa Application Centre.

The TLScontact services are 'Added Value Services' which fluctuate occasionally in terms of availability and price. This is by no means an indispensable service for the student. A student may or may not buy these services one's own accord.


Tentative Transportation Cost


Being enrolled in a UK University, another concern is your travel expenses. There will always be the availability of public transport for UK students. Unless you get a shuttle service from your institution, you must depend on public transportation. For short-distance travel, you can rely on trains, buses, and taxis. For long distances, there will be long-distance bus, rail, or air routes. In case you choose to travel in a personal vehicle you will have to include the car bills, insurance, and taxes in the expense sheet. In case of availing public transport, it will cost you around 100 to 150 GBP a month which encompasses nearly 56270 to 84405 Nigerian Naira. An overseas student gets a 30% discount on travel cards and several discounts on shopping.


Tentative Living Expenses


Students will need to keep a little money aside for social activities, grocery shopping, and emergencies. When living in a foreign country it will be better to keep track of your expenditure. Living expenses will primarily depend on the individual lifestyle and other expenses. Living expenses in a foreign country vary depending on individual lifestyles and other factors. Here is an approximate breakdown of monthly costs based on various expenses


Details Average Cost GBP Average Cost (Nigerian Naira)
Food 140 to 180 78778 to 101286
Mobile phone 10 to 30 5627 to 16881
Utility Bill 30 to 40 16881 to 22508
Entertainment 40 to 100 22508 to 56270
Other expenses 20 to 50 11254 to 28135


The above-mentioned average expense chart and the exchanged value of the Nigerian Naira are impermanent owing to radical alterations in the course of actions, economy and other obligatory regulations.

In conclusion, it can be rightly asserted that studying in the UK for a Nigerian student seems to be costly. Although the top-notch facilities, globally recognised degrees and the quality of education surpass all your hardship. As an added benefit, a student can work part-time while studying and full-time during holidays. These facilities can enable you to earn discernibly to assist yourself financially. It's always wise to apply for scholarships and take advantage of financial aid to combat the financial strain.


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