How to apply for UK University admission from Nigeria?

There are a growing number of international students from Nigeria seeking admission at UK University admission. But majority of Nigerian students do not know how to apply for admission at UK Universities and what documents to submit & which informati..

Why study in London? Things to know about London as an international student

About London London is located in the county (a territorial division of some countries, forming the chief unit of local administration) of Greater London, an administrative area that includes 32 boroughs plus the City of London. It was formed by two a..

UK student visa 2021: top countries with record number of visas

In the year ending September 2021, UK granted 428,428 sponsored study visas (to both main applicants and their dependants). This is the highest annual number of Sponsored study visas granted on record, 39% higher than the previous record of 307,394 which occ..

Apply to study in the UK from Nepal

For Nepalese students a UK degree and UK experience make huge difference in academic, career, professional and personal life. Nepalese students who do not have scope to use their academic potential in Nepal due to lack or absence of quality education t..

Apply to study in the UK from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a member country of UK Transnational Education and many UK universities have their campuses in Sri Lanka. For this reason, Sri Lankan students are already familiar with UK higher education and they prefer to study in the UK when considerin..

Apply to study in the UK from Pakistan

International students from Pakistan are in spotlight as Pakistan is identified as one of the priority countries in the UK international education strategy. The initiative has resulted significant changes in number of UK student visa granted from Pakis..

Apply to study in the UK from Nigeria

International students from Nigeria saw 347% increase in visa to study in the UK in 2021 compared to 2020, placing Nigerian students at the 3rd highest nationality for UK study visa (Source: Home Office). In the UK’s recently updated Internationa..

Apply to study in the UK from Bangladesh

International students from Bangladesh can apply to study in the UK at top ranking Universities – you can choose from 1,000+ courses offered at different campus locations inside and outside London. Visa success rate for Bangladesh students for UK..

Apply to study in the UK from India

UK is the 3rd popular higher education country among Indian students when considering cost, quality, career and immigration prospects. In 2018/19 Indian students enrolment growth was 35% and in 2019/20 it increased to 97% according to Higher Ed..

Blended learning - what does it mean to international students

Blended learning has become the latest teaching method to make an impact in learning today. From schools to universities, it is being used to bring the digital world and traditional face-to-face teaching together to enrich learning processes.   What..