Apply to study in the UK from Bangladesh

International students from Bangladesh can apply to study in the UK at top ranking Universities – you can choose from 1,000+ courses offered at different campus locations inside and outside London. Visa success rate for Bangladesh students for UK..

Apply to study in the UK from India

UK is the 3rd popular higher education country among Indian students when considering cost, quality, career and immigration prospects. In 2018/19 Indian students enrolment growth was 35% and in 2019/20 it increased to 97% accordin..

Blended learning - what does it mean to international students

Blended learning has become the latest teaching method to make an impact in learning today. From schools to universities, it is being used to bring the digital world and traditional face-to-face teaching together to enrich learning processes.   What..

Plagiarism by students - consequences and how to avoid it

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is a form of cheating and is a serious academic offence. It arises where work submitted by a student is not their own and has been taken from another source. This may include images, audio, video, spread-sheet, PowerPoint pres..

Why study a master’s course at BPP School of Business & Technology

BPP University, UK provides tuition and training for Business Professional People. The School of Business & Technology of BPP University mainly offers masters courses in management with a few module options and masters in accounting and finance with option..

Why study a law course at BPP University, UK

BPP University Law School was founded in 1992; it was the founding school of the university. The university is a specialist university in the UK for professional law courses. With over 25 years’ experience in delivering professional legal education, BPP ..

Why you should study law in the UK

Law is 3rd most popular subject area for international students and almost 25% of all international students choose to study law each academic year. A Law degree is the gateway to a career as a barrister or solicitor. There are many other legal and related pro..

UK student visa application in Bangladesh - required documents

International students are required to submit certain documents to apply for student visa outside the UK. The requirements vary as per the nationality of the student and where the student is submitting the application. It is crucial to know for sure what docum..

How to apply for university admission

Total Student Care (TSC) can maximise your chance for admission at Universities/Colleges by giving you appropriate professional advice on the process and helping you to submit error-free application with relevant and required documents. Once you communicate..

Which IELTS students need to sit for UK Student Visa?

There have been lot of confusions about which type IELTS international students need to sit for UK Student visa application. With Student visa application, some prospective students must* submit an English language qualification which is included on the UK ..