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04 November, 2023

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Apply to study in the UK from Japan

Each year, about 6,500 Japanese students opt for the UK as their study destination, offering a unique experience. Exploring practical aspects can ease the transition; find in-depth insights on studying in the UK from Japan.

Japanese students can apply to study at top-universities in the UK, where they may select from 1,000+ courses provided at various campus locations both inside and outside of London. The Visa success rate for UK study visas for Japanese students is much greater than the corresponding Rejection Rates.

You can now apply to our affiliated universities in the UK to start your study UK journey. Our experienced student advisors are here to guide you through essential course details, tuition fees, scholarship options, and the application process and provide personalised support for your student visa application.


Increase in UK study visa from japan in 2023

Source : Home Office



Study in the UK – Key Information

Academic level
Level 3 to Level 8

Qualification type
Foundation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctorate

Study mode
Full-time, part-time or on-line

0.5 year to 4 years*

Throughout the year*


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Why choose Total Student Care (TSC) to study in the UK

Total Student Care is an award winning education agent and UK university admission expert. We take your stress to make you happy and we are widely known for providing total student care.

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Japanese students in the UK

Japanese students increasingly choose to study abroad, particularly in the UK, benefiting from diverse learning styles and career opportunities. The UK provides a gateway to personal and professional growth with shorter degree timelines.

There are alternative entry paths also. Besides traditional entrance exams, UK higher education for Japanese students presents a variety of pathways for to explore their academic and career aspirations.

The UK education, therefore, offers global opportunities and a strong academic foundation. With prestigious universities, innovative teaching methods, and renowned educators, the UK has attracted many influential figures throughout history, making it an ideal place for those aspiring to achieve greatness.


Study visa were granted by UK for Japanese students

Source : Home Office



Cost of studying in the UK for Japanese


The information below shows the average expenses for Japanese students studying popular subjects in the UK. It's a general guideline, and costs can differ based on the university or the course. Living expenses can be adjusted based on personal finances and needs, offering flexibility for students planning their budget.


Tuition Fees


Course Level Average Cost (GBP) Average Cost (JPY)
Foundation courses (Full fees) 10,000 to 15,000 13,559,653 to 20,339,295
Undergraduate courses (per year) 11,000 to 15,000 14,915,183 to 20,339,295
Postgraduate courses (Full fees) 11,000 to 16,000 14,915,183 to 21,695,284
Doctorate courses (per year) 14,000 to 16,000 19,181,162 to 21,695,284



Living cost and maintenance costs per month


Details Average Cost (GBP) Average Cost (JPY)
Accommodation 400 to 500 54,238.12 to 67,797.65
Utility bills 30 to 40 4,067.71 to 5,423.61
Travel 100 to 150 13,559.65 to 20,339.48
Food 140 to 180 18,983.51 to 24,271.38
Mobile phone 10 to 30 1,355.97 to 4,067.91
Entertainment 40 to 100 5,423.86 to 13,559.65
Other casual irregular costs 20 to 50 2,711.93 to 6,779.81



Visa application and IHS (International Health Surcharge) fee


Details Cost (GBP) Cost (JPY)
Student visa application (One-off) 348 47,186.79
IHS (per year) 470 63,648.31



Earnings from working in the UK on student visa


Details Average Earning from Student Job (GBP) Average Earning from Student Job (JPY)
Part-time work 460 to 800 624,407.38 to 1,090,172.40
Full-time work 1,600 to 2,000 2,149,544.80 to 2,686,930.00


Popular subjects Japanese students choose to study in the UK


  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Engineering (various disciplines)
  • Computer Science
  • Architecture
  • Mathematics
  • Art and Design
  • Biotechnology
  • Sociology
  • Physics
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • International Relations
  • Political Science
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Psychology
  • Environmental Science
  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Business Administration
  • Medicine
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Film and Film Production
  • Fashion Design
  • Music
  • Japanese Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Renewable Energy
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Education
  • Sociology of Health and Illness



Why choose to study in the UK from Japan?

Studying in the UK from Japan offers a unique blend of quality education, cultural enrichment, and career opportunities. Let's explore some key factors that make the UK an attractive destination for Japanese students:

  • After completing their degree, Japanese students become eligible for a post-study work visa under the 'Graduate' scheme for 2-3 years. Then they can get a 2-3 year work visa to earn money working full time.
  • Unlike the USA, UK universities have fewer quizzes and assignments, and class participation doesn't impact one’s grades.
  • Writing essays in English might seem daunting, but one’s university will provide support, and the IELTS skills will come in handy.
  • Exploring the UK in the warm summer months is nice to stay and roam as compared to winters which can be cold and rainy.
  • Though one has fewer classes but more self-directed learning outside the classroom, Japanese students should not hesitate to seek help if needed.
  • British restaurants can be expensive; most people cook at home, and it's cost-effective. Japanese students should take that opportunity.
  • Japanese students can carry a small amount of cash and a debit/credit card since carrying large sums is risky in the UK.
  • Japanese supermarkets are rare in the UK; shopping at Chinese or Oriental stores for Japanese and Korean products can be the best choice for Japanese pupils.
  • One should be mindful of early closing times in the UK for restaurants, supermarkets, and pubs. If one is a night owl, one must keep some snacks on hand.
  • Japanese students in the UK experience diverse cultures and global living during their studies to learn more extra-curricular skills.


The benefits of studying in the UK


Total Student Care (TSC), an esteemed education agent and UK university admissions specialist, provides tailored support to Japanese students, reducing stress and enhancing the study experience. TSC offers personalized guidance, leveraging its vast network and expertise in UK universities to match students' lifestyles and cultural backgrounds. They optimize costs, share insights on scholarships and funding, and facilitate a smooth transition into the UK education system. With a deep understanding of Japanese student communities, TSC recommends areas and universities accordingly, showcasing a proven track record of success. The focus is on personalized, ongoing support for academic and personal achievements in England.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

Q Which are the best UK universities for Japanese students?

A One may opt for the University of Sussex, one of the top institutions in the UK for Japanese students. Over 5,000 foreign students from 145 countries attend our university, including more than 100 from Japan. Additionally, a large number of Japanese students chose Birmingham due to the location of the city and the wide variety of educational programs offered.

Q What's unique about the class structure in British universities, and how can Japanese students succeed?

A UK universities have fewer classes, but success requires self-motivation and efficient time management. Seeking assistance when needed is crucial.

Q What's the difference between a British pub and an izakaya, and what should Japanese students expect when invited out for a drink?

A British pubs may not always serve food; they may offer snacks or full meals. When invited for a drink, expect only a drink.

Q How do closing times for restaurants, supermarkets, and pubs in the UK differ from Japan, and how can Japanese students adapt?

A Most places close earlier in the UK. Plan meals accordingly, have snacks available for late nights, and be aware of local closing times.

Q How can Japanese students manage the higher tuition fees in the UK?

A Japanese students can explore cost-effective cities and seek scholarships or financial aid options to mitigate higher tuition fees.

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