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Today's business environment is continuously changing and the management is facing diverse challenges ranging from the financial constraints of the current global economy, to the demand for raw materials and the need to focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Future managers must be prepared with knowledge and skills that addresses international business issues in contemporary time and reflects on the actions and needs for capabilities.

A good MBA Degree can equip with the competency and professionalism and help to meet the challenges that managers are facing in the global business environment. I find the syllabus of the MBA International programme offered by Anglia Ruskin University London is aligned and synchronised with the current global business and management issues to prepare a new generation of managers who can successfully adapt with the constant evolution of business and organisations. The learning contents of this MBA are true reflections of my academic vision and career ambition that I have developed to match the demands of the new corporate world. I am highly glad that I have made this choice.

In most recent time, I have completed a general BA Degree with first division under the National University, Bangladesh. But in a country where development is under procession as part of the worldwide domination of business and commerce, a general BA Degree bears little significance irrespective of my grades and result – employers (from any sector, since everything is commercialised) refuse to find merits in general degrees. I have taken positives from this trends and decided to prepare myself with knowledge, skills, competency, professionalism so that I have the ability and confidence of fulfilling future employers and business needs. The Anglia Ruskin University MBA International learning map can take me to my destination of academic and career pursuits.     

This MBA is a rigorous academic programme in business administration that will enable me to enhance my general management skills and to apply them at the workplace right from the start of the programme. The programme offers a holistic exposure to how businesses can sustain and succeed in the midst of economic and competitive forces. The programme will build the confidence and drive to position myself ahead in the game towards applying strategic thinking at work place to drive efficiency and effectiveness and to progress in a general management career.

The study will provide me with a strong foundation in the key operational and functional areas of business and management (for example, finance and accounts, marketing, human resource management and organisational analysis) together with an appreciation of the contemporary context of business. It will train me with a strategic and integrative appreciation of management challenges, including an exploration of senior managerial decision making, and the implications of change and innovation. The study will teach me the application of knowledge to a personally selected management project, reported as a dissertation and supported by a business research methods module.

In particular, I will develop the relevant knowledge and understanding of organisations, their diversity and the external context in which they operate and how they are managed the processes, procedures and practices for effective leadership and management of organisations.

I will gain the cognitive skills of being able to solve complex problems and make decisions: establish criteria, using appropriate decision-making techniques including identifying, formulating and solving business problems; and the ability to create, identify and evaluate options; the ability to implement and review decisions.

I will learn applied skills for effective performance within team environments and the ability to recognise and utilise individuals' contributions in group processes and to negotiate and persuade or influence others; team selection, delegation, development and management.

I will also earn transferable skills i.e.  numeracy and quantitative skills including the development and use of relevant business models, information technology, and effective communication: listening, effective oral and written communication of complex ideas and arguments, using a range of media, including the preparation of business reports.

There is sea of learning opportunities from this MBA – the study will improve my academic knowledge and most importantly develop my life-skills to integrate me with the life-long-learning process. The study will enhance my current level of academic standing to sky-kissing height and award me progressions gold medal.

The highly esteemed Anglia Ruskin University MBA is designed to be not only relevant to the needs of industry and the professions, but also engaging and stimulating with the emphasis on the acquisitions of practical skills. The university strives to provide graduates with future employability skills. It is one of the most socially inclusive universities in the UK and prides in making international students feel at home.

The London campus LCA Business School has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise twice. The modern campus in Central London is equipped with executive classrooms, resourceful library, IT facilities and a welcoming team of student welfare officers to facilitate learning and the study experience enjoyable and successful. With affordable investment of tuition fees at LCA, I can reap the profit of highest quality expertise of lecturers that have hands-on, practical experience of contemporary business, and the bonus dividends of learning from the business hubs of London, the business capital of Europe.

I am highly glad for making the right choice for my course at the institution that have so much to offer along with my expectations and pursuits.