MSc International Marketing Course

22 May, 2015


MSc International Marketing Course

Note: the example personal statement (statement of purpose) below is for guidelines only and to help you understand how to write one - do not copy any part of it. When applying to universities, write your own personal statement (statement of purpose) according to your profile for the course you are applying. Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose).

In today’s era of globalization, business functions are more independent and require specialist knowledge to sustain growth and remain competitive. General management with bit of knowledge in every function is no more effective and hence traditional management has shifted focuses on specialist knowledge and skills in individual units or single functions.

Modern business organsiations now demand specialists in every department. I have learned this fact from my recently completed MBA International course under Anglia Ruskin University, UK. The study has given me a strong foundation in general management for sure, but the generalization does not allocate me any specific role with career identity as such, and I feel I will struggle to define my career objectives and communicate my specifications to potential employers. As a pragmatic conscious career-minded woman, I had been planned my further qualifications to remove the tag ‘general’ with ‘specialist’ by following area specific subject, and the very first thing came in thought is a master degree in Marketing that appreciates colourful, creative, innovative, challenging and exploring careers. Decided in subject area, I invested my time to find the right course at right place so that I can reap high profit and take home maximum benefit from the study. I have eventually found a time-bound study programme at BPP University – MSc International Marketing.

This intellectually designed course is aimed at providing with advanced marketing and branding knowledge and skills to facilitate employment and subsequent career development in business and marketing management successfully. The course goes on to offer further skills by adding Academic and Career Skills (ACS) module to equip graduates with all-round skill-set and make them graduate ready. The course, indeed, meets my academic aim and career vision in one single platform while nurtures my business management knowledge within and around its structure. I believe the study would be highly rewarding for me.

This course will suit me because I wish to develop a more strategic, integrated approach to marketing and business management. As they say – without marketing there is no business, Marketing is vital for innovative companies to remain competitive, and encompasses a range of elements including brand management, international marketing, communications and e-Business. I will study all of these areas and apply my knowledge to a range of situations, taking account of the relationship and interaction with other aspects of business. I will also learn to design, propose and demonstrate strategic marketing solutions to real business problems. As part of the process, I will exhibit recognition of how cultural and social differences affect buying behaviour.

From this course I will be able to gain knowledge of company’s market, compatriots’ strengths and weaknesses in a legal and ethical manner to enhance business decision-making. In addition, it will provide me with an in-depth and critical understanding of research methodologies, and marketing planning and strategy and solution of problems encountered in international marketing and strategies which also helps me to oversee a brand in all channels. I will also learn how to analyse and apply marketing and brand communication theories and develop an understanding for social, political and cultural context. Having knowledge in finance is vital for marketing and business as well and from this course I will develop understandings of overheads, fixed costs and direct costs for different organisation types, revenue streams and cash-flow, key financial ratios etc and how marketing variables impact financial performance.

This programme gives me opportunity to learn not only about marketing and management but also include an advanced international marketing strategy which will help me to differentiate between the various types of international marketing strategies to determine the best organizational strategy, identify the factors that are required to position a product or service in the market and also to understand the unique characteristics of service marketing. From this course, I will be able to acquire knowledge about digital marketing also known as online marketing and I will learn to understand the power of digital marketing as a core driver of the marketing strategy for organisation. I will also gain an understanding of the foundation principles of digital marketing as well as of how it differs from traditional marketing. I will also have the opportunity to learn how to develop entrepreneurial skills, stimulate creative thinking and nurture innovation to enhance business development.

The course will provide me with advanced marketing and branding knowledge and skills to facilitate my employment and subsequent career development in business and marketing management. It will develop my ability to reflect on my performance, and to develop teamwork, written and oral communication skills which are skills essential to develop my career. On completion of this course, I will have developed my ability to analyse problems logically and apply decision-making skills and knowledge to reach feasible and realistic marketing and business solutions and be able to contribute to the development of brands and their market places, through the ability to analyse markets and their behaviours.

The Academic and Career Skills (ACS) Module will give me key employability skills and efficiency to work effectively in workplace and support my academic development.  I will get a professional guidance that will help to develop my technical knowledge as well as practical experience and career plan. I will have opportunities to gain BPP career ready certificates, up to 6 months work experience. Accessing to over 90+ hours for professional development in this course is great opportunities that will helps to learn practical skills and knowledge which can be utilised in the future workplace. In fact, I will have the opportunity to develop capabilities in critical evaluation and analysis, problem solving, negotiate and persuade others, leadership and performance management, setting targets, motivating, delegation, coaching and mentoring, reporting and the ability to learn through reflection on practice and experience. The achievement would be life-changing and vital turning point in my pathway to success.

After successful completion of this MSc, I will have the opportunity to pursue my career as one of the following job categories - Marketing Analysis Manager, Customer Relation Advisor, Business Development Executives, Brand Executive, or Project Manager in both local and multinational organization in my home country, Bangladesh. I am very positive and confident that I will be able to develop and progress my career in higher position in multinational company within 5 years of my profession and I have desire to see myself in executive managerial position in future.

I have chosen to study this programme at BPP because it is one of the well recognized Universities in UK and this course at BPP focuses on practical teaching underpinned by relevant academic theory and course will be taught by experienced marketing practitioners with industrial knowledge. The syllabus content and learning targets are more develop with integrate features. The program split with evenly between lectures and small group sessions where I will have ample opportunity to discuss lectures in more detail can also take part a simulating business exercise which puts theories from the programme into practice. The university's Academic and Career Skills module with 6 months is a great opportunity provides the chance to reflect upon the theoretical learning in practice and real-world situation, gain industry experience as key to enter into career market. Most of the tutors are real-world practitioner - their experience and guidance will help me to not only have practical skills but also to attain the competitive edge.

The London campus of the Business School offers a truly transformational experience in London, in which I will live and study alongside experienced and ambitious professionals from all over the world. London, one of the world’s most connected cities, with global companies and world class attractions; London is an ideal place to master in marketing. The School works with students to help understand students’ purpose, values, motives and interests and uncover learners’ talents and potential. Through a mix of learning opportunities at BPP London, I will find myself exploring what it really means to be a strategic leader. At the end of the programme I will emerge more aware, more confident and more capable, ready for the next step of my career.

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