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I have chosen to study the MSc Management programme offered by BPP University because the study programme is a comprehensive and detailed programme of study that offers the knowledge and skills demanded by contemporary global business organisations. The programme provides a range of theoretical knowledge of modern business practice while equips with number of practical skills that can enhance my competitive edge to potential employers.

The Study of this programme involves learning in competitive intelligence, knowledge management and information system strategy, markets and marketing, leadership and change management,  accounting  and  decision  making,  operations  management  and  service intelligence, enterprise risk management, strategy, marketing management, innovation management areas and consultancy / academic and career skills project. The  syllabus  is  designed  with a  mix  of dynamic subjects that address the concurrent management issues in business. In particular, the learning contents of this MSc pragmatically reflects the technological changes that have material impacts on modern business organsiations – the study would be a great opportunity to equip myself with latest tools along with established management science and gain all-round expertise in management.

From the above domains of business management study, I aim to learn the nature, scope and needs for strategic business management. I intend to develop skills in traditional and contemporary models, tools and concepts of business startgey and management techniques for control and decision making. The study would provide me scope to learn and indentify organisational goals and values, opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesess in diverse political, leagal, economical, environmental and technological aspects.

The learning would prepare me to evaluate business performances by analysing key financial ratios and develop my ability for decision making at strategic levels. I will develop competencies in evaluation of financial statements by using management accounting techniques and gain ability to plan and control resources, set business strategy with management accounting information, financial data. I will have developed effieciancy in business planning, alternative sources of finance to achieve organisational objectives, long-term capital investment decision making, financial strategy for international markets and how to manage organisational risks.

The course will provide me competencies in managing human capital resources and skills in managing workforce for gaining compettive advantage. I will learn strategies for people resourcing, how to get most out of the employees, how to motivate, implement positive changes and develop a committed, high performing and engaging team of employees. I will also be able to develop the management art of becoming creative, innovative, visionary leader.

By studing the course, I will learn to analyse international business environment and design corporate strategy to expand and grow business globally. I will gain the mechanism of conducting successful business in diverse culture and environment and manage them with expert governance. The course would provide me knolwdge on how to run organisation with corporate social and environmental responsibility, be ethical and still achieve business objectives.

The qualification is crafted to provide all round knowledge for complete business acumen. As part of the courses learning outcome, I will have the chance to learn research methodology, designing, planning, collecting data from sampling, setting objectives. This would give me tools to analyse, evaluate, review, re-assess data, process them for useful information and write reports on business consultancy projects. The outcomes of market and marketing research could be critical for business promotions and I will develop skills on how to use them for competitive advantage and apply those to exploite marketing opportunities.

This MSc course can truly equip me with a set of practical skills that are essential in todays business and management profession. The study will not only enhance my academic depth, but also, develop my soft skills, coginitive skills, analytical ability, crtical appreciation skills, leadership capabilities, decision making ability that are transferable and transformational to develop successful careers in business and management.

My home country, Bangladesh have thrived in diverse range of businesses in recent decades and managed to position business  and  organisations  in  global  platform  –  many  international  companies  and  countries investing  in  industry,  commerce,  education,  health,   media,  sports,  insurance,  housing,  built environment, technology sectors. This has created unlimited demands for internationally qualified graduates with knowledge and skills so that standardds and competitive edge can be maintained with the  pace of  concurrent  globe. I am  confident this MSc Degree from the reputed UK  University, BPP,  can  push  my  being  headhunted  in  IT/IS management position, business  development  and  consultancy,  recruitment, marketing,  publicity,  financial  and  risk  analysis, brand  management  and  many  other  career roles  –  the  possibilities  are  endless  and  the  prospects  are  unlimited.  I  just  strive  to  get  the necessary tools to hit those targets and goals from  this study.

My knolwdge and skills that I have cultivated from the study of BSc in Computing and MSc in IT will complement major part of this MSc study. I have identified that competitive intelligence, knowledge management and IS strategy, change management related to IT, innovation management include contents of knolwdge that have similarities with my past and current studies. Besides, markets and marketing and marketing management areas require significant IT related knowledge. Therefore, my earlier studies would contribute to the study and the qualification hugely.

IT is a function that all business or organsiations require while business or organsiations nurture the function with efficient management – they support each other and rely on each other’s performance and success. My past accomplishments, hence, would add value to this MSc Management study while this study would dvelop my current knolwdge with new domains and additional components of knowledge and skills that managers seek to articulate in the new era of globalisation. I will have gained enhanced and additional knolwdge, skills and above all, I will gain better chance of progressing my career with wider opotions.

I have chosen to study this course at BPP University because the university delivers the course in small class groups and provides one-to-one supports by own personal tutor. The faculty bring experience from local and international industry to enrich the academic teaching and prepare students for becoming tomorrow’s professionals. The university dedicate its supports services to bring out the maximum potential from learners and train them to be career-ready and engaing in professional life.

BPP Universitiy’s cutting edge campus with state-of-the-art facilities and innovative teaching  methods supports the learning effectively in a range of styles that include interactive lectures, video and written case studies, individual and group exercises, both face-to-face and online, presentations by visiting experts, engagement with range of professional and academic materials, management skills sessions, including presentations, board room discussions and simulations. Throughout the teaching, the faculty nurtures learners’ potentials and develop them in full to provide graduates competitive edge. The university engage students as part of their success.  Studying  here  would  give  me  the  chance  to differentiate  myself  with  distinct accomplishments and success.